The Dance of Time

The Dance of Time The Malwa and their evil have been driven back to their Indian heartland but there they coil to strike again Ruled by a monster from the future which is part computer and part demon they prepare a f

  • Title: The Dance of Time
  • Author: Eric Flint David Drake
  • ISBN: 9781416521372
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Malwa and their evil have been driven back to their Indian heartland, but there they coil to strike again Ruled by a monster from the future which is part computer and part demon, they prepare a fresh attack whose success will leave them rulers of the world and the monster that guides the Malwa will rule the whole future Belisarius, the greatest general of his age, hThe Malwa and their evil have been driven back to their Indian heartland, but there they coil to strike again Ruled by a monster from the future which is part computer and part demon, they prepare a fresh attack whose success will leave them rulers of the world and the monster that guides the Malwa will rule the whole future Belisarius, the greatest general of his age, has arrayed the forces of Mankind against the Malwa evil On his breast is the jewel sent to his support from a future of hope and freedom, willing to guide him but never to direct his actions Behind him are allies from across Europe, Asia and Africa mutually distrustful but aware that neither they nor Mankind have any hope if the Malwa prevail Belisarius faces armies and assassins, ruthless brutality and inhuman cruelty There is no hope for Mankind if he fails so he must not fail

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    1. Eric Flint David Drake

      Eric Flint is a New York Times bestselling American author, editor, and e publisher The majority of his main works are alternate history science fiction, but he also writes humorous fantasy adventures.

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    1. This book was a great end to a great series. I read all six books in the series one after the other. Since I don’t have a lot of spare time to read, this means I spent the past 52 days with these characters. I’m going to miss them. I almost don’t want to start my next book, because the characters I’ve grown attached to in this series won’t be there!I was happy that we were given a few more answers about Link and Aide by the end of this book. It would have been interesting to get more d [...]

    2. The conclusion of the Belisarius Series, David Drake and Eric Flint conclude their alternate history involving the last great general of the Roman Empire and his fight against a cyborg from the future sent to change the past. With the help of Aide, a crystalline entity also from the future, Belisarius has maanged to corner the Malwa Empire and the final conflict for the ages has begun. The sixth book ties up the loose ends of the series. The best part of this series is the authors extensive use [...]

    3. Read at least (3) timesI had lolz!! I also teared up a little. I remember reading the ending the first time I read it through the tears just streaming, *streaming* down my face and having to blink a lot so my eyes could focus through the liquid - IT WAS THAT GOOD. Not many books touch me so deeply, so THANKS!!!! David Drake and Eric Flint for being awesome and writing an awesome series that holds so many truths. I'd love to know what happens after though, so if you ever write short stories about [...]

    4. A fine conclusion to the series. See, it can be done.Quibble: the resolution of the time paradox between Belisarius' "present" and the future of the "new gods" is totally illogical, but necessary to give the reader closure. No worse than the pseudo-science regularly foisted on Star Trek fans.A very good read.

    5. This is a fine end to the Belisarius novels. It does leave things open to write about what happened after the war, as a lot of things had been set up to be put into play. There was one scene that had me in tears.

    6. FantasticA great finish to the series and an excellent read. Sorry that it is all over. Definitely five stars. Highly recomu

    7. Fine FinaleThis 6 book series is well worth the read. This final book in the series ends the story well and ties all the loose ends that matter. I found laughter, tears, and elation throughout the book. You will need to read the previous books to appreciate it though.

    8. This is the sixth and final book in the Belisarius series. I read the first three books of this epic as e-books. For those of you who are not familiar with Baen, they are one of the most electronic -format friendly publishers in the genre. Several of their hardcovers contain a CD filled with goodies like cover art, screen savers, and totally free copies of selected works by the author of the book as well as others in a variety of reader formats (I chose Mobipocket since they didn’t have Palm R [...]

    9. Half of The Dance of Time is awesome. Half is tedious. Given all of my previous reactions to this series, it should be fairly obvious which half is which.The heist-ish escape plot is great - great characters, great interactions, actual tension. The sections with Calopodius and Anna are great, too, even if I don't quite buy that all of Aide's future knowledge on basically everything was widely disseminated offscreen at some point. The collapse of the Malwa empire in general is fascinating, and Da [...]

    10. Very different from the earlier books in the series. In some ways, I'd say their writing style has matured. Biggest difference? Much more showing and a lot less telling. There's less humor and a lot of the ongoing jokes and themes were dropped. ((view spoiler)[I don't think they referenced the phrase "Only the soul matters" once. (hide spoiler)])Many of the series characters (Ousanas, Ezana, Menander, Rao, etc) play much smaller bit roles here. Flint & Drake use those characters well having [...]

    11. This is the last of the Belisarius series by Eric Flint and David Drake. The setting is in the 6th century AD, centered on the Byzantine empire during the reign of Justonion. Belisarius was one of the world's greatest generals, succeding even when not given resources for the task. In the setting of the books, two sides in a future war have sent emissaries to this time period, to change the course of history. The principles in the story are, frankly, uninteresting. After reading the rest of the s [...]

    12. The sixth and lastghof the historical, military science fiction series, Belisarius. Yes, Flint and Drake did a lovely job of ending iteven though I still want to know what happens next. How long do the reforms last? How long does Photius and his bride survive? Do the Indian kingdoms persevere? Does the reformed Persian empire take hold? How does Washi go on?Be warned reader. Picking up each novel in this series, you will not be able to put it down until you have finished!Dance of Time revolves b [...]

    13. Military SciFi/Alternate history in which an evil empire appears in India in the fifth century. Famous historical general Belisarius receives a warning from the future and must counter the threat. This series goes deeper into philosophical and poetical tangents than similar works. Eric Flint’s classic wry humour pervades the prose. The books can almost be read as historical novels and contain quite a few interesting tidbits about the period. The series consist of: An Oblique Approach In The He [...]

    14. Review "Drake and Flint have devised an intriguing premise and developed it intelligentlya winner" Publisher's Weekly"Product Description The Malwa and their evil have been driven back to their Indian heartland, but there they coil to strike again. Ruled by a monster from the future which is part computer and part demon, they prepare a fresh attack whose success will leave them rulers of the world—and the monster that guides the Malwa will rule the whole future! Belisarius, the greatest gene [...]

    15. This review applies to all of the books in the Belisarius series by Eric Flint and David Drake. I read them all quickly, in a row, and there’s honestly not a whole lot of difference in the elements that make them good books. You get the best mix of David Drake’s detailed outlines, sense of pacing, action sequences, and depth of historical knowledge with Eric Flint’s ability to manage description and nuances of character that Drake isn’t quite as good at. The series is an interesting twis [...]

    16. "The Dance of Time" is the sixth and final book of the Belisarius series by David Drake and Eric Flint. Overall, the story concludes the series in a somewhat interesting, though padded manner. Whereas the actual plot would probably consists of about 50% of the book, the other half consisted of side stories of various characters (and surprisingly of some new characters. i.e. Anne, the "Wife") that felt padded.The book also continues a somewhat frustrating trend of glib dialogue between characters [...]

    17. (this is a review of the whole series)Really, really gripping read. I almost forgot to sleep because of few of these books. They're well written, they have fun parts, and even though they get a bit long-winded and there are some weird parts (especially the electricity-related omissions are somewhat glaring), the books are probably one of the best of their kind. The story is also very plausible (although somewhat far from reality).

    18. I finished the story this morning. When it ended it ended. Antoina and Beliourious are two of my favorite couples because they really love each other. They also set a positive example for the ones around them.

    19. Excellent conclusion to an excellent series. Well paced, humorous, plenty of drama, interwoven plots all coming together good stuff. Highly recommended to all lovers of alternate history. Remember, you can get the first 5 books free for your eReader from Baen's website.

    20. An excellent and very touching read. Belisarius gets to brag about what he didn't do, strong female characters leave their mark on the world, and Link gets what it deserves. A very strong conclusion to the series.

    21. As always with Eric Flint novels, you end a little weaker than you began.As far as the overall series, a fun binge read, weaker overall than 1632. For well written alternate history, read The Years of Rice and Salt. For escapism, I'd suggest first reading Flint's original claim to fame.

    22. The finale is much weaker than the books leading up. Several new characters are needlessly focused on, and technology has been allowed to progress in an unreasonable fashion, particular communications tech.

    23. A good finish to a better than average series. Not one of the best alternative history series I've read but a worthwhile read.

    24. I like the series. Lots of history and alternative thinking with modern technology being built in ancient times, with freedom winning.

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