Great Sky River

Great Sky River After the events of Across the Sea of Suns small groups of humans have settled on other star systems However there is a constant threat from the Mechs a civilization of machines left over from othe

  • Title: Great Sky River
  • Author: Gregory Benford
  • ISBN: 9780446611558
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the events of Across the Sea of Suns, small groups of humans have settled on other star systems However, there is a constant threat from the Mechs, a civilization of machines left over from other civilizations and evolved to see all biological civilization as unstable and dangerous.Great Sky River tells the story of the Bishop family, who fight for their very existeAfter the events of Across the Sea of Suns, small groups of humans have settled on other star systems However, there is a constant threat from the Mechs, a civilization of machines left over from other civilizations and evolved to see all biological civilization as unstable and dangerous.Great Sky River tells the story of the Bishop family, who fight for their very existence on the planet Snowglade, which has been taken over by the Mechs The Bishops are one of a number of families on Snowglade, all named for chess pieces These families are like clans or tribes All use cybernetic implants and mechanical aids to enhance their perceptions and physical abilities Personalities of dead members of the Family can be stored in memory tabs and accessed by plugging them into ports implanted in the neck Bodily functions, such as the sexual drive, can be turned off to remove distractions The Families seem to be equipped for long conflicts and periods of privation, continually migrating to avoid the Mechs.

    Great Sky River novel Great Sky River is a novel written by author Gregory Benford as a part of his Galactic Center Saga series of books. Great Sky River Galactic Center, by Gregory Benford Nov , Great Sky River is an exceptional tale which delivers so much Benford s lyrical prose is very appealing, right from the start GSR delivers plenty of action, centered on a group of humans clinging to survival after being nearly hunted to extinction by ruthless mechs. Great Sky River Galactic Center Gregory Benford, Arthur Great Sky River isn t perfect Some of the characters are a bit shallow, some of the language is too florid and metaphoric especially the love scene blech But that shouldn t stop you at all from reading this, if you are looking for science fiction with some serious literary aspirations. Jazz Is Dead Great Sky River All About Jazz Sep , Great Sky River was recorded live at the IMAC Theater in Huntington, NY, and it s their most accessible and well executed disc to date China Cat Sunflower is the ideal way to kick off such a set, jumping right into the thump and grind to give the uninitiated something to latch onto. Great Sky River Jazz Is Dead Songs, Reviews, Credits Great Sky River exceeds the group s live release, Laughing Water Wake of the Flood Revisited which also explored and featured classic Grateful Dead compositions because the performance was not altered or overdubbed. Great sky river dictionary definition great sky river great sky river Proper noun mythology, astronomy The Milky Way, the night sky visual phenomenon caused by dense regions of the Milky Way Galaxy appearing nebulous. Jazz Is Dead Great Sky River Music Great Sky River Jazz Is Dead Format Audio CD . out of stars customer reviews See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price New from Used from Great familiar song choices arranged and played by great musicians I will be purchasing the other CDs in time Read Helpful Comment Report abuse. What is another word for Great Sky River wordhippo Need synonyms for Great Sky River Here s a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead Proper noun Milky Way Silvery River Proper noun Galaxy Local Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy More Great Sky River Synonyms For words similar to Great Sky River, try Synonyms for galaxy. Man Against Machine Great Sky River by Gregory Benford Great Sky River Galactic Center Series by Gregory Great Sky Rive is a fascinating and panoramic view at a distant future and mankind s struggle to exist near the giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

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    1. Gregory Benford

      Gregory Benford is an American science fiction author and astrophysicist who is on the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Irvine.As a science fiction author, Benford is best known for the Galactic Center Saga novels, beginning with In the Ocean of Night 1977 This series postulates a galaxy in which sentient organic life is in constant warfare with sentient mechanical life.

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    1. Benford is one of the SF greats and Great Sky River one of his great books. As an act of imagination it's a triumph, as a piece of storytelling and writing it is by turns soaring, lyrical, and poetic. And sometimes it falls a bit flat on its face. That's OK because in the main Great Sky River works very well and the failings are because Benford seems to be pushing his considerable talents as a writer to the limit - and those sorts of failings you can easily forgive.So sometimes he over-indulges [...]

    2. While entertaining the initial part of the book was a rather straight-forward tale of a fallen human civilizations losing struggle against an encroaching machine civilization on a single world near the galactic center. A group containing the leadership of the last humans seemingly gets tracked down and captured by the feared "Mantis" and it seems all is over but then the plot twists in an unexpected fashion and suddenly the scale and stakes of the story take on galactic proportions and the story [...]

    3. I just finished a re-read of GREAT SKY RIVER, the third book of Gregory Benford's GALACTIC CENTER novels. This is my favorite Benford series and my personal favorite of that series. I last read it when it was a new hardcover; now I am listening to it on an audiobook. The reader's performance is only so-so but I can't fault the story at all. It really holds up well, an action story that muses on human existence. And giant killer robots. And a Great Escape plot why the hell don't they ever make *i [...]

    4. Book Three in the Galactic Centre Series starts some 70 000 years or so after the end of Across the Sea of Suns. Being far future fiction, it doesn't suffer some of the problems that Across… and it feels much less dated. This, however, does not mean that it is entirely free of problems.Benford's style is, as always, clear, concise and capable of painting the landscape of the novel in the reader's mind. In Great Sky River Benford shows what makes him an award winning author. His use of diction [...]

    5. Well, now I'm hooked. This is the third book in Benford's "Galactic Center" series, but the first one set this far in the future. I liked it. I will have to see what happens in the next book, too.The author has created a rich world of the future where mankind is on the run from intelligent machines that dominate his world. Centuries of human advancement have seemingly been lost in the years of war. The story is about the struggle of a last few hundred on one planet.Mr. Benford heightens the inte [...]

    6. The setting is a planet named Snowglade near the galactic core. Small groups of humans, the remnants of a once great spacefaring civilization are now forced to live a life on the run. They are hunted by an advanced civilization of mechanized beings who have taken over their planet. The humans steal what they can from the mechs and the mechs in turn seek to exterminate humans like the pests they have become. Things look bleak indeed until a being of magnetic force, finds Killeen and tells him to [...]

    7. Warfare between man and machine has become something of a trope in science fiction, from the future apocalypses of the original Terminator (which scared me to death as a kid) to the more recent, sexy and subtle conflicts of Ex Machina. Often these man-vs-machine dystopias play out against the ruins of our own civilization, with landmarks or blasted-yet-familiar vistas driving home the fact that our own creations have destroyed what we had previously built. Gregory Benford’s classic science fic [...]

    8. First of all, this says it is book three in a series and I haven't read the first two, but that did not diminish my enjoyment of this book. So, for all readers who have not read the other two, don't let that keep you from reading this one.I ran across this book and realized that I had not read this one before. While I grew up reading science fiction, hard science fiction was never one of my favorites, as I leaned more towards fantasy. That being said, this book is a fabulous read. It took me a c [...]

    9. The only reason I can't give this book five stars is that the deus ex machina ending was disappointing. Perhaps the communications from beings that live in stars and the existence of a hidden ship that just happens to be awaiting the arrival of our hero wouldn't have seemed so left-field if I had known that this was the third book of a series when I began it. I presume that these are plot elements left over from the first two books. Isn't there some way to let the reader know that before he begi [...]

    10. The third novel in Bedford's Galactic Center series takes place some 35,000 years in the future. It follows the life of a human, Killeen, who is one of the relatively small number of humans surviving on a distant world. Their civilization has been all but destroyed by the mechanical civilization and they fight to survive.This is better than the first two, mostly because the main character is far less irritating. It focuses on what humans have had to become to survive and how alien the mechanical [...]

    11. The third book in the saga. It's different from the first and second book and has some interesting ideas. The writing styles are less experimental and this makes the book more a page-turner. Although the language of the characters is a kind of Orwellian New-speak it feels natural somehow and does not interfere with the storytelling. Personally i liked this book better then the second book and even the first book. Every writer has his or her strengths and weaknesses and at times i found the writi [...]

    12. This book is full of misspellings and nearly illegible made up conjunctions missing the all-important hyphen! THIS ANGERS ME!!!!The made up words make for a difficult to follow story, because the reader is constantly playing catch-up, trying to figure out what exactly a given noun refers to.The machine creatures are lame, and the plot isn't very intellectual.Mostly, its about the characters and the action, both of which are mediocre.Pretty much, you could read the fist and last chapter, not much [...]

    13. When you get to the end of this book, especially after the accelerated pace of the last quarter of it or so, you realize how much of the beginning of it was intended to be savored. This is an astounding piece of work — futuristic, apocalyptic, prescient bordering on clairvoyant, cautionary, sympathetic, and more. How this book remains little more than a cult classic — and how Gregory Benford remains largely unknown — is astounding. Among many other things, the man is a highly literate and [...]

    14. Gregory Benford, a physicist and general all-around big brain, has written a series of books, the Galactic Center Saga in which mankind in the far future is on the run, hiding in the nooks and crannies of previous higher tech civilizations - all the while being chased by the implacable devices of the near God-like machine intelligences. Hmmm - sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it? All very good with lots of action and anguish at the plight of the remaining (I almost said ragtag) scraps of humanity. [...]

    15. Great Sky River is an exceptional tale which delivers so much. Benford's "lyrical" prose is very appealing, right from the start. GSR delivers plenty of action, centered on a group of humans clinging to survival after being nearly hunted to extinction by ruthless "mechs". An excellent start to the Benford's "Galactic Center" series. And yes, I know that it is really a "sequel" to "In the Ocean of Night" and "Across the Sea of Suns", but I never thought that those two meshed well with the later t [...]

    16. Am really enjoying this series. In fact it's been growing on me as the scope of Benford's universe becomes clear. In this book he introduces a new environment and new characters which keeps it fresh for me. Still the tie-in with the previous characters becomes clear if you read the timeline at the end. The ending would be weak, on it's own, except I'm looking forward to how these characters may be important in future books.

    17. My personal favorite of the "Galactic Center" series. Benford has roughly sketched out the glorious future of humanity in the galaxy for tens of thousands of years, but most of the shooting is now over for humanity. "Great Sky River" drills down to the refugees of a shattered city in a long-defeated empire of man and gives us a glimmer of hope.It's a lot of story to absorb and it leaves you wishing for a trilogy to fill the gaps between books #2 and #3.

    18. Well, after reading all the other reviews I see I am in a minority here but I didn't find this book that great. I love real sci-fi books and find it hard to come across good ones but this just wasn't it for me. I found the bastardized language used by the humans annoying and I find that I have no sympathy with the tribe like families on the run. I found no character or group worth rooting for or the bad guys worth hating so this was just a so so book for me.

    19. Good story! Men vs. machines on a distant planet. Men on the run. Benford is good at the very human side (sex, general human relationships) and he is creative here -- the human inadvertently come under the aegis of a machine which is making art by using humans -- essentially they are in its zoo. The lead character rejects this sponsorship and leaves the planet in an old ship, fully realizing that a zoo does not bring out full human potentials. Rather philosophical.

    20. Easily the best book in the series, thus far. The ending felt far too convenient and rushed, though. We go from desert wandering nomads for 95% of the book - treating technology like a magic that is passed on through history, dance and song - to space faring tech heads, all in about 50 pages. A shame.4 stars, right up until the end.

    21. Wow, I liked this one tons better than the first 2 books in this series. Really shifts into a harder variety of sci-fi. It really broke from the flow of the first 2 books, shifting to a whole new planet with new characters with only a tenuous connection to the first 2 books, but the plot line / characters / ideas in it were all great.

    22. Excellent book. I picked up at random in the middle of this series and this was the first one I read. Great concepts, world building, and characters. Definitely reading the others. Highly recommended if you dig science fiction.

    23. Struggled a lot with this, reflected in the nearly 2 months it took to tackle. Wasn't expecting the plot, though I quite liked the final third. Strange sort of universe setup that took a bit of adjusting to.

    24. I agree that this entry in the series feels less dated than the first two, since it is set in the far future. I like the technology Benford introduces, and the way humans and mechs interact. I also like the concepts of the sensorium and the Aspects. I am looking forward to reading the next book.

    25. Great sci-fi! Very original presentation. Lots of highly imaginative tech, but without dry detailed explanations. I couldn't put it down. Turns out to be the third of a series, but this one at least can be read alone with satisfaction.

    26. I remember picking this up in my then local library and was hooked! I had to find the rest of the series! I loved the description of the struggles between the (enhanced) humans and the relentless mechs. Killeen and other characters have a sensoria, kind of a Heads Up Display for the mind!

    27. found a 5! maybe it's only relative the other 2 in the series but I enjoyed this part immensely. longer review later

    28. The first two parts drag a bit, but the third part and epilogue make it worthwhile. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book.

    29. Best book of the series so far. Starts off really grim and gets better all the way to the end. Likeable characters.

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