Petitoarea Singurul lucru mai tulburator decat un barbat din familia Cynsterte o femeie care poarta acest nume si crede ca dragostea nu este destinul ei Cunoscuta in societatea londoneza drept Distrugatoarea de

  • Title: Petitoarea
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Singurul lucru mai tulburator decat un barbat din familia Cynsterte o femeie care poarta acest nume si crede ca dragostea nu este destinul ei Cunoscuta in societatea londoneza drept Distrugatoarea de Perechi,Henrietta Cynster are abilitatea extraordinara de a prevedea daca o relatie are sorti de izbanda daca alesii sunt atinsi de sageata lui Cupidon sau nu Asa cSingurul lucru mai tulburator decat un barbat din familia Cynsterte o femeie care poarta acest nume si crede ca dragostea nu este destinul ei Cunoscuta in societatea londoneza drept Distrugatoarea de Perechi,Henrietta Cynster are abilitatea extraordinara de a prevedea daca o relatie are sorti de izbanda daca alesii sunt atinsi de sageata lui Cupidon sau nu Asa ca,atunci cand Melinda Wentworth ii cere sa i spuna adevaratul motiv pentru care James Glossup a cerut o de nevasta,Henrietta afla ca acesta trebuie sa se insoare in decurs de o luna sau risca sa piarda mostenirea lasata de o matusa bogata.Fara sa stea pe ganduri,Melinda rupe relatia cu fermecatorul James simtind insa mustrari de constiinta,Henrietta se considera datoare sa l ajute pe logodnicul abandonat in gasirea unei mirese care sa accepte o casatorie de convenienta O misiune extrem de grea,complicata mai ales de atractia evidenta si coplesitoare care se naste intre James si Henrietta,care continua sa creada ca ea nu se va indragosti niciodata

    Kuch Naa Kaho Petitoarea Online Subtitrat Raj este un tanar care vrea doar sa fie lasat in pace sa si traiasca viata asa cum vrea el Namrata, secretara unuchiului lui Raj si o femeie uluitor de frumoasa, este angajata sa i gaseasca o sotie potrivita. BUCATI DE VIATA SI MINIATURI Papusele portelan DeAgostini Da Asa este Am cutezat sa iti fur ideea tocmai pentru ca mi s a parut geniala Recunosc asta aici in scris Ar trebui sa iti patentezi ideea

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    1. Stephanie Laurens

      Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.Once in London, Stephanie and her husband both began work as research scientists in Kent They lived in an area surrounded by history Their own cottage was built in the 16th century, while next door were the protected ruins of an early Roman villa, and nearby was a 14th century castle.After four years in England, Stephanie and her husband returned to Australia, where she continued to work in cancer research, eventually heading her own research laboratory One evening Stephanie realized that she did not have any of her favorite romance novels to read After years of thinking about writing her own novel, during nights and weekends for the next several months, she began crafting her own story That manuscript, Tangled Reins, was the first of her books to be published After achieving a level of success with her novels, Stephanie retired from scientific research and became a full time novelist Her novels are primarily historical romances set in the Regency time period.Stephanie and her husband live on peaceful acreage on the outskirts of Melbourne If she isn t writing, she s reading, and if she s not reading, she s tending her garden.

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    1. If you can ignore Ms. Laurens' propensity to say the same thing in ten different ways in the span of a paragraph, especially during her love scenes, then this book is a fine addition to her Cynster series. Harriett Cynster, nicknamed the Matchbreaker for helping other women of her station sniff out their beaus' ulterior motives, finds herself falling in love with James Glossup, one of her victims. When she's made to feel guilty over her interference, James enlists her in helping him compile a li [...]

    2. Super, super dull. There is no huge conflict in this novel at all, and the writing is on par with Stephanie Laurens' other works; good, enjoyable, but nothing exemplary that would evoke strong emotions like make me want to burst into laughter (Julia Quinn) or sob like a baby over a big pint of Ben & Jerry's (Lisa Kleypas). There are no big overwhelming conflict over the entire book, there's a minor plot of oh, danger, Will Robinson, but it's done ratherhalfheartedly. I felt like the danger a [...]

    3. Posted on Buried Under RomanceIt's fair to say that half of the book is a romance story between Henrietta and James, while the second half is involved entirely with the mysterious murderer who's attempting to get rid of Henrietta. The writing is more in tune with Stephanie Laurens's more traditional regencies (naturally, with a degree of "spice" that's prevalent in this genre) than her earlier Cynster novels, Devil's Bride, for example. What didn't hook me to the story wasn't the fact that James [...]

    4. Two and a half stars. Laurens has fallen into the trap of following the disappointing trends in historic romance writing.I used to be a huge Laurens fan and I have read all of her books at least once and many multiple times. Her novels were always so strong: she’s a great wordsmith, can pull you into Regency life like no other, can elicit wonderful emotion and used to draw great characters. However, her last several books have lost their dramatic tension and her characters have devolved into t [...]

    5. Henrietta Cynster, Simon's sister is the 29 year old, known in the society as the "matchbreaker"- as mama's and prospective brides rush for her opinion due to her strong connections regarding their husbands' intentions for marrying them.When one such match leads her breaking James Glossup's engagement, he confronts her about his reasons and she decides to help him find a bride.Soon they realize they are actually attracted to one another and heavily give into their passions.While their marriage i [...]

    6. When ladies of the ton want to know if a man is interested in them or their fortune, they appeal to Henrietta Cynster. Her uncanny ability to strip a relationship down to its bones has earned her the title of Matchbreaker. Unfortunately, her gift for making others happy does not seem to include a happily ever after of her own.James Glossup needs to marry if he is to fulfill the terms of his aunt’s will and be able to care for the tenants on his land. When the infamous Matchbreaker cuts his mar [...]

    7. It has been 8 years since their cousin Anjelica handed the magical pendant to Henrietta, but Henriette has not worn it in years. She doesn’t think she is meant to find a love match, and the pendant is supposed to help her find her one and only hero, the one man who can make her happy in marriage. But Mary is 22 now, and she wants to start her own life, which means Henrietta has to find her husband first, and then she will be able to give Mary the pendant on the evening of her engagement ball, [...]

    8. I received my review copy of this book – Kindle edition – from Edelweiss, as part of an online book tour. The novel tells a story of Henrietta, a twenty-nine-year-old ton lady and the society Matchbreaker. For years, she’s been investigating her female friends’ prospective grooms for the possibility of a love match. When she finds out that James, who is wooing her friend Melinda, doesn’t love her, Henrietta delivers the sad news to Melinda, and the match is broken. James is furious. He [...]

    9. Oh my goodness. It has been some time since I read a Cynster book, and after reading this one all I want to do is to go find all the stories of the older cousins the Bar Cynsters. I had faithfully read all the Cynster books till the Cynsters Sisters Trilogy, when for what ever reason I just dropped the ball and missed those- so now I'm off to find and read those book.This book like the others takes you back to the 1800s London, and you get transported to that time period with this book. I have a [...]

    10. This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoA wonderful romance! And Then She Fell was a sweet, lovely historical romance that I really enjoyed. Henrietta was a brilliant heroine. She's a little different in the world of historical romance. Her reputation of "The Matchbreaker" makes her a go-to for any bride that wants to know if her fiance is being honest. Obviously, Henrietta is very clever. But, not only that, she was also a very strong heroine when she got caught in the middl [...]

    11. I received a review copy of this book from Edelweiss.Stephanie Laurens is usually hit and miss for me. I either love her books, or are just eh. This was an unexpected big hit. Henrietta is firmly on the shelf at 29 and is something of a 'Matchbreaker' as other young ladies seek her advice on their marriage prospects. Henrietta uses her extensive connections to find out whether a particular young man has any ulterior motives for offering for a particular young lady since 'love matches' are all th [...]

    12. Henrietta Cynster is as strong-willed and dynamic as any female member of her family, but she has never been the type to welcome the advances of the foolish men she sees in the ballrooms and parties she attends. Henrietta uses her social bearing and her intelligence to learn all about those men and in turn assists the women of the ton by sharing that knowledge to either foster or discourage a match. For the women she helps she is a godsend; to the men of the ton she is “The Matchbreaker.” Af [...]

    13. Everyone heroine needs a hero to stand by her sideEvery Cynster family member had a specific role to play and did so with grace. Henrietta was known for her ability to unmake the wrong match as love was in the air and needed to be in a marriage as well. When Henrietta thought a match for James Glossup was a mistake she stated her case and the young woman walked. However, James needs a timely match and Henrietta is going to make not break this man’s heart.However, the match that is made surpris [...]

    14. This. Was. So. Boring.I've had this problem with Laurens's books before. My first and only other of her novels was that one involving horse racing where the heroine was named Flick, short for Felicity. I made it about 50 pages in, maybe 75, and was so goddamn bored that I just dropped it, which is once in a blue moon rare for me. I NEVER abandon books. Ever.But I decided to take a chance on her again and picked this title up. It was good for maybe the first half - and I use good to mean not terr [...]

    15. I really liked this one! The heroine in here, Henrietta Cynster, was so completely different from any of the other heroines in this series. She didn't feel the need to go off on her own and do something without telling her guy, she didn't balk at the idea of getting married after being thoroughly compromised (and she knew what she was doing when it happened), and she didn't insist on waiting to hear him say "I love you" and spend an endless amount of time wondering if he did. And best of allERE [...]

    16. I love the early books about the "Bar Cynster" and have re-read many of them. This is the first book in the newer series that I have read, and unfortunately don't feel the same way about this one. I thought the story dragged on, and I never really felt the connection between James and Henrietta. I liked seeing the characters from the previous books (and some from the Bastion Club series too) but including so many characters diluted this story even more. I'll probably read Mary's book at some tim [...]

    17. What a boring, emotionless and disappointing story. There wasn't a single point of conflict between the heroes, they were so sensible and sure of their feelings, it wasn't at all what I came to expect from books by Laurens. And not what I wanted to read. It was also actually a contemporary story - the heroine wasn't thinking or acting the way she would if it was really a historical. And did Laurens really have to bring ALL the pairs from her previous books into this one? I didn;t even try to kee [...]

    18. Toda a gente está farta de saber que sou super fã de romances históricos e quando a editora Harper Collins publicou este não resisti e tive de o pedir. Agradeço desde já pela amabilidade em cedermo-lo ❤Nunca tinha lido nada desta escritora e agora já estou atenta aos livros que ela publicou e vai publicar pois fiquei fascinada pela sua escrita e pela sua imaginação. Tem uma escrita fluída e tornou este livro mais que um cliché, trouxe uma história não só com um romance, mas com u [...]

    19. Why am I still reading this series? I'm not really sure. It's super repetitive and they tend to the overwrought but I can't help myself (especially when I'm looking for something that feels familiar). So there you go. I actually really liked both Henrietta and James (though I've always liked James). There's nothing amazing about the plot, but I'm not going to be able to rest until I finish this series probably though obviously it's taking me a long time due to not caring as much as I did when it [...]

    20. Originally published at Reading RealityAnd Then She Fell is the first one of Stephanie Laurens' Cynster books that I've read in some time. But like many readers, the earlier books in the series are among my favorite Regency romances ever. I was very curious to see how much I would miss not having read the ones in the middle. And whether I would go immediately hunting through my shelves to find them!And Then She Fell is the story of Henrietta Cynster, the next-to-the-last Cynster female of her ge [...]

    21. 15/1 - I feel like Laurens is running out of plot lines, interesting characters and new ways to describe sex scenes. The whole story felt tired and unoriginal. The idea of Henrietta being a 'matchbreaker' was an interesting one that Laurens didn't give enough attention - she could have really made that an impressively funny plot device, instead it ended up being mostly just a piece of historical background for her and a slightly unlikely reason for Henrietta and James to be in close proximity to [...]

    22. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherI love Stephanie Laurens’ books. She has not been translated into French since 2003, and I regret it very much! She writes light romances with nice characters and reminds me of Robyn Carr and her Virgin River series, there is just less drama with Stephanie Laurens.And Then She Fell is part of a very long series composed of two “seasons”. It’s about the famous Cynster family. This book is #4 of th [...]

    23. 2.5 StarsI know there is much more to a book than the sex scenes. In fact, I have read some very good books that had no sex scenes in them at all. But just like bad sex can ruin a relationship, so too can it ruin a book. Especially when the book was just ok to start with.OK. That sounds harsh. Let me back up a little.And Then She Fell is the latest installment in Stephanie Laurens uber-huge Cynster series. It focuses on Henrietta Cynster, who has come to be known as "the Matchbreaker." She has m [...]

    24. Probably should've waited to get this used, but I didn't :pOur first Cynster book of the new year, and I was psyched that it was a good one. I'm giving it 3.75 Stars!, which is the highest I've rated a book in this series since the other sisters' trilogy last year. Maybe I'm just liking SL's more recent writing better than her older stuff. Either way, it leaves me really looking forward to the next book, Mary's story. I found myself liking her in this one, and our introduction to Ryder Cavanaugh [...]

    25. Very good book. Henrietta has made a reputation for herself as a "matchbreaker" by helping young women discover if their suitors are courting them honestly. When she breaks up the potential match of her brother's best friend James, he is furious. He needs to marry by the end of the month in order to retain his inheritance and keep all the people on his estates employed. Henrietta offers to help him find a suitable bride in time for his needs. Henrietta is twenty-nine years old and has never been [...]

    26. While I’ve read few other romances, I would still bet that the writing style in this book is typical of well-written books in the genre. The plot, however, seemed pretty unique. First, our heroine’s goal was definitely not to get married (a difference from many of Lauren’s other books, I think). Something Lauren’s seems to do a lot, but which I didn’t expect in a romance, is adding an element of mystery. This allowed the book to last longer and the reader to enjoy the main characters [...]

    27. I won this book through the First Reads giveaway. I am glad that I read this book! Stephanie Laurens is redeeming herself from her last few years of books somewhat with this one. My complaint about her books over the last few years is that they drone on and on about how the characters feel, with what feels like 20 pages of talking about how they feel versus 2 pages of what they are doing because of how they feel. I am very happy to say that this book is not so ham handed in the introspection of [...]

    28. I'm so used to the different detailed styles of Stephanie Laurens that this one was a surprise, in a good way though. It didn't so much focus on the intimate scenes. Rather it focused on the love connection between the two characters rather than lust and desire. Although I'm sure it would have been even better had Laurens focused on ALL aspects of the book, I would have given it 5 stars! Because damn it, I love me some styled scenes of intimacy between two amazing characters!Henrietta and James [...]

    29. My first Cynster book left me more or less disappointed, I've hard so much about this series that I was even scared because it's always like that: whenever some book are praised I usually don't like them so much, with exceptions of course.Il mio primo libro della serie Cynster mi ha lasciato piuttosto indifferente, ma avevo sentito parlare talmente bene di questa serie che questo finale era piuttosto scontato: di solito quanto i libri vengono molto lodati a me non fanno impazzire, con le debite [...]

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