The Golden Queen

The Golden Queen From the author of this summer s Star Wars bestseller comes an acclaimed blockbuster in the same swashbuckling tradition A planet universe is fast falling to the invading insectoid dronons A cl

  • Title: The Golden Queen
  • Author: Dave Wolverton
  • ISBN: 9780312856564
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of this summer s Star Wars bestseller comes an acclaimed blockbuster in the same swashbuckling tradition A 10,000 planet universe is fast falling to the invading insectoid dronons A cloned princess, a cocky young warrior and his furry companion challenge the dronon queen, with the fate of humanity in the balance.

    Golden Queen Skylanders Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Golden Queen is a golden statue who is one of the Earth villains introduced in Skylanders Trap Team She is the leader of the Doom Raiders, a group of the most notorious villains in Skylands In Skylanders SuperChargers, she appears in races unlocked by the Sea Trophy, in which she can be The Golden Queen The Golden Queen, by Dave Wolverton The Golden Queen The Golden Queen From the author of this summer s Star Wars bestseller comes an acclaimed blockbuster in the same swashbuckling tradition A , planet universe is fast falling to the invading insectoid dronons A cloned princess, a cocky young warrior and his furry companion challenge the dronon queen, with the fate of humanity in the balance. The Golden Queen Dave Wolverton The Golden Queen is a stellar tale of love, adventure, sacrifice, and war set in a fantastic future Attempting to rally the forces of humanity against the Insectoid Dronon invaders, Semaritte, the clone of a slain ruler, enlists the help of a cocky bodyguard, an orphan, and an intelligent bear Reprint PW. Home Golden Queen Mining Co Ltd. Golden Queen is producing gold and silver at the Soledad Mountain Mine located just outside the town of Mojave in California The mine is utilizing c The mine is utilizing conventional open pit mining methods and cyanide he The Golden Queen Angry Birds Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Golden Queen is the ninth episode of the second season of Angry Birds Stella and the twenty second overall It premiered on January , Haunted by nightmares of the Golden Egg slipping from her grasp, Gale returns to Golden Island s volcano to locate the precious artifact. The Golden Queen book by Dave Wolverton ThriftBooks The Golden Queen is the beginning of the saga of Maggie Flynn, Gallen O Day, and Orick the bear Hired to guide an otherworlder, Everynne, to the gate to the Maze of Worlds, the three journey through the gate and help save Everynne s people from the Dronon. Golden Queen Sorcerers Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Golden Queen is the leader of a group known as the Doom Raiders and later a Skylander in the Skylanders series In the series she is a part of the Earth Element Doom Raider A wicked queen made entirely of gold and rich beyond her wildest imagination, the aptly named Golden Queen would

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    1. Dave Wolverton

      Dave Wolverton born 1957 is a science fiction author who also goes under the pseudonym David Farland for his fantasy works He currently lives in St George, Utah with his wife and five children entry Dave Wolverton

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    1. I grabbed a copy of The Golden Queen from Kindle because the blog, "Pixel of Ink" told me that it was free. I gave it a two star rating because "it was ok" (which is the tool text for two stars).This is the story of a small band of adventurers who accidentally end up having a science fiction adventure in what originally appears to be a tale about slightly-not-normal ancient, rustic Ireland. It follows Gallen O’Day, Maggie Flynn, and a talking bear named Orick as they team up with two human-li [...]

    2. The book starts off with two residents of a small village, Gallen and Maggie (oh, and intelligent talking bears, lots of those), who come across a very foreign looking man and woman, being followed by weird ogre-bug things, and end up getting swept up into the story of the couple, who travel to other worlds.The worlds are being threatened by a massive colony of bugs, with a hive mentality, and are trying to make all other sentient life become part of the hive. According to the rules, a "golden" [...]

    3. Now this is the good old fashioned flavor of science fiction the way it used to be before the genre took itself too seriously as Literature. One part Tolkien, three parts Edmund Hamilton and a dash Star Wars give this entertaining romp an almost retro 1970s feel. Of course since I mostly read older books any way, and this one was published in the mid 1990s, it stands to reason it should have a retro feel. I'll probably read the other books in the series though this one could be considered self c [...]

    4. More space bugs predictable too. Amusing in places but another one I will not recommend. The alien bugs are a lot like the bug horde on Rifts Earth. And the description of the hive city walkers was amusing like something out of Phyrexia. It had potential but falls kind of flat.

    5. David Wolverton (better known by his pseudonym, David Farland) is a master of utilizing resonance in writing, a fact that is starkly evident in the Golden Queen. The book resonates strongly with the Star Wars mythos, which makes sense as Wolverton has written a number of Star Wars expanded universe novels during his long career as an author.The Golden Queen, begins like a typical fantasy story, with a young warrior (Gallen O'day) seeking his next adventure in a tavern. The setting seems to be an [...]

    6. saltmanz/blog/2006/08/Saturday night (8/27/06) I finished The Golden Queen by Dave Wolverton. It's actually the first book of the Golden Queen trilogy, and though I put off reading it for a while because I don't own the next books yet, I eventually figured it would stand alone well enough by itself, so I read it.It was decent. I won't describe the plot really, since most of it is slowly revealed as you read. I will say that it starts out in a rustic Irish setting on a backwater planet. That's wh [...]

    7. Fantasy – This isn’t a genre I normally like to read, but this story was fascinating and drew me into its plot with thick tentacles that didn’t let me go until I was through. Gates to other worlds, talking bears, golden hive queens, and brain mantels that teach years’ worth of knowledge within hours were some of the fantastic creatures and inventions that took this fantasy to a whole new level. The characters were well-developed. I liked them and felt for them in their struggles and weak [...]

    8. The storyline starts a little slowbut never slows down. It has great features, an unwilling hero, and stubborn girl, a mystery man and woman and the best parta talking bear. The story line is believable and fast moving. I read this on the recommendation from a friend and then found out the authors son has had an accident and all proceeds from the book are going to the medical. I did not download the free version, I went to and bought it. There are three books and if the next two are is good as [...]

    9. A refreshing read. While the author could have played for a more elaborate and fleshed out love triangle (actually it was a rectangle in this case) I found it refreshing not to have to deal with every emotion every character experienced. The end was a little childish, however. I feel the antagonists were not developed as well as they could have been and their defeat was very rushed and unexpectedly easy, especially as the result of the final battle, quite frankly, the probable enslavement of the [...]

    10. A frustrating novel in which aliens come to medieval earth. All of humanity's fate will be determined by a combination of a beauty pageant and a wrestling match. The most beautiful woman in the world and her bodyguard go to meet the aliens, with a peasant wench and her boyfriend in tow, and have various adventures along the way. Lessons are learned, hard personal truths discovered, love blossoms, etc. In the end, the wench wins the beauty pageant. The weirdest part? This book is not humorous in [...]

    11. I first read this years ago; it's a space opera adventure featuring a party of two warriors, a cleric wanna-be, an innkeeper, and a princess. Of course, the would-be cleric is a genetically enhanced bear, the princess is travelling with her bodyguard through the worlds, and the monsters they fight are bug-eyed aliens who are conquering the human race.This sets up a fun little space adventure; it doesn't try to be super-ambitious. And yet it was good enough to pop into my head when I recently wat [...]

    12. Excellent book. It satisfied my various loves: fantasy, SF, action, romance. Plenty of blood and battles most gruesome, but with plenty of beautiful description and thoughtful writing to balance it out. Can't wait to see what happens next in this trilogy. (And if you're one of those that worries whether the first book of a trilogy doesn't really end - don't worry. This is a fully encapsulated novel.)But like all really long and thoughtful books, I need to read something else between installments [...]

    13. Meh, it was ok. Got it as a free ebook and the description seemed interesting. Found that once I started reading the story semed jumbled and a mix of futuristic and midevil. The main plot while a decent idea never developed to what I expected. The book seemed to rush along, the characters developing and advancing at rates that were too unbelievable. It made the story seem forced along like the author had a deadline and was dragging me and the plot to the finish as fast as possible. An overall ok [...]

    14. A great science fiction storyThis is a classic science fiction story. It starts out a SIM p length story that is more fantasy then it gets into a very good romp through the universe. Jumping across world and people's all towards the final battle. You start rooting for all the characters as they develop during the story. In the end everyone wins and it is happily ever after. The story stands on its own and you are not left with any loose ends. But it is open for a continuation. I would recommend [...]

    15. This was an interesting read with somewhat loose character development. The characters managed to get themselves into and out of trouble with wild abandon. The concept of battling insectoid aliens to regain control of "human" worlds is fairly well developed early in the book. The conflicts seem a bit scattered at first, but resolve into a central mission. I'm not decided as to reading the next book in the series.

    16. I might have rated this higher, but the writer's style was very offsetting. He jumped from one thing to another with no segue or indication the scene had changed. Also, near the end the proofreading was all but absent. While the plot was interesting, the book failed to hold page-turning interest due to the aforementioned problems and way too much explanation of history and functions of beings.

    17. I thought it was a good story that had action, adventure, plot, mystery, love, and an exploration of new worlds, new ideas, and new ways of considering the possibilities. I'm hooked enough that I want to keep reading the series to see where it goes and what Farland continues to do with the endless number of worlds he's created and the opportunities he's left open for new adventures.

    18. The Golden Queen is a likeable mix of fantasy and sci-fi. It's a bit meandering at times, which is to be expected when you roam from planet to planet in the manner that the main characters do in this book. I found a couple of parts uncomfortably like a Mormon temple ceremony, but that's just me.

    19. I really enjoyed this book. The story is compelling, and the plot is well thought out. If you like both Fantasy and Science-Fiction, then I'd recommend this book because it bridges the two genres remarkably well.

    20. Very interesting plot line that wavers in the generic lines between science fiction and fantasy, but the writing felt a bit unedited and raw in many places.

    21. Not a perfect book and maybe more of a 3.5 than a 4-star one, but I enjoyed it. Reading the second one now.

    22. Not a bad book but not a good one either. The characters and plot are fine just not inspiring. Glad I read it though.

    23. Intriguing combination of fantasy and sci-fi that stays focused on interesting characters. Absolutely fun read.

    24. This book was interesting but dragged for me, then raced to the finish. I didn't care for the main characters. Their attitudes and reactions weren't credible.

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