The Frazzle Family Finds a Way

The Frazzle Family Finds a Way Every member of the Frazzle family is disastrously forgetful Mr Frazzle forgets his trousers Wags the dog can t find bone and Annie and Ben bring fishing poles and towels to school instead of their

  • Title: The Frazzle Family Finds a Way
  • Author: Ann Bonwill Stephen Gammell
  • ISBN: 9780823424054
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every member of the Frazzle family is disastrously forgetful Mr Frazzle forgets his trousers, Wags the dog can t find bone, and Annie and Ben bring fishing poles and towels to school instead of their homework Not even Aunt Rosemary with her organizational tips can help But one day Annie has an idea that combines rhyme, recall, and song into a melodic way to remember inEvery member of the Frazzle family is disastrously forgetful Mr Frazzle forgets his trousers, Wags the dog can t find bone, and Annie and Ben bring fishing poles and towels to school instead of their homework Not even Aunt Rosemary with her organizational tips can help But one day Annie has an idea that combines rhyme, recall, and song into a melodic way to remember in this warmhearted tribute to compensating for weaknesses.

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      Ann Bonwill Stephen Gammell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Frazzle Family Finds a Way book, this is one of the most wanted Ann Bonwill Stephen Gammell author readers around the world.

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    1. The Frazzle family is perfectly named since all of them are too frazzled to remember what they need to buy at the grocery store or in the case of Mr. Frazzle, to even put on his pants before going to work. Even their Aunt Rosemary with her strings tied onto fingers to prompt memory does no good. But one day Annie happens upon a solution, and sings what needs to be remembered. The colored pencil, watercolor, and pastel illustrations show just how forgetful the family members are--even the dog--wh [...]

    2. Music teachers, you will very much appreciate the solution to the Frazzles problem in this book. And early education teachers may find themselves making up songs with their classes for end-of-the-day routines, etc. Very cute!

    3. The Frazzle Family forgets everything Father forgets his pants, the kids forget they aren't on vacation and even the dog forgets where he buried his bone. When they go to the store and forget to milk, bread, apples and even Grandpa, but come home with lots and lots of eggs, Aunt Rosemary comes to help. Her lists and calendars and strings on their fingers don't help the Frazzles. they still forget. So, off she goes to soak in the tub and sing. The next day, Annie makes up a song about the food th [...]

    4. I thought this book was okay. As I read the story, I could not really imagine how to read this to my students and make it fit into a unit or use it in some way to teach them about reading and/or writing. When you read that the family ends up remembering what they need by creating songs, it is a good example about how there are many different ways to do things, and I think that this could be something that some students play with, creating songs or rhymes to help them remember information. Anothe [...]

    5. The Frazzle Family are a mess. They forget every single thing. They forget to wear pants! Who forgets that? They forget to comb their hair, they forget to go to school, the forget their grocery list. There has to be something they can do, so they can remember stuff. Well, Aunt Rosemary thinks she has the sloution. She comes up with quirky, fun methods. Do you think they would work? Well, open up the book and find out! The illustrations are just as crazy as the family. You will be baffled and ent [...]

    6. A quirky family that can't remember a thing, even after a helpful aunt comes with her suggestions of lists and ribbons tied around fingers (or tails). The illustrations reflect just how "out of it" this family is and that adds to the book's appeal. The colors are warm and things always seem animated (hair on end, eggs falling out of baskets, etc). Nothing seems to help this absent-minded group until they chance upon their own unique solution and it is a lovely as well as successful one. A charme [...]

    7. The Frazzle family is frightfully forgetful. They are so bad that Aunt Rosemary came to stay. She did her best to whip them in to shape but even her tried and true methods didn't help the frazzled Frazzles. She helped in a way she hadn't even planned and the Frazzles were forgetful no longer. I adored the silly illustrations and enjoyed the story. Fans of the silly and scatter-brained Amelia Bedelia will appreciate the Frazzle family. For more silliness read, It's Monday, Mrs.Jolly Bones.

    8. The Frazzle family is comically forgetful. Aunt Rosemary comes to town to help them and while she suggests many things it's Rosemary being Rosemary singing to herself in the bathtub that inspires an idea that works!Illustrations are rendered in colored pencil, watercolor and pastel. The artwork does a great job of visually giving readers a feel for how the Frazzle family operates, what it might feel like to be in their forgetful minds. A fun read aloud with a musical solution.

    9. The Frazzle Family is my kind of family, they care about the important stuff in life and not the mundane. However, they do need to follow a few normalcies so a member of their extended family stays with them to help them out.Zany fun and a humorous read. Great way to look at life with a little more ease.Written by Ann Bonwill, illustrated by Stephen Gammell and published by Holiday House.#PB #Zany #humor #family #funforall

    10. The Frazzle family goes through the day in a chaotic daze of forgetfulness. Enlisting the help of an organized Aunt, she teaches them tricks to help them remember important things. Yet despite her efforts, the Frazzles continue to provide a humorous picture of forgetfulness until one day something clicks and the Frazzle family begins to function. A great read aloud with a few helpful tips about life tucked into the tale.

    11. The Frazzle Family is completely disorganized. They forget everything, are always late, and can never seem to find what they want. Aunt Rosemary comes to visit, and tries to make them use her system, but nothing works until Annie Frazzle has a great idea. Wonderful illustrations by Stephen Gammell bring this funny and recognizable story to life.

    12. The Frazzle family is super forgetful. They can't remember to wear pants or what they need at the store. Aunt Rosemary comes to stay and tries to help them remember. She tries lists and strings, but nothing works until they start using songs. I really enjoyed this book. The story is fun and the illustrations are funny.

    13. the Frazzle family can't remember anything until Aunt Rosemary comes along. The fun colored pencil, watercolor and pastel illustrations will engage the reader and show them just how frazzled this family really is-even the dog! The Frazzle family finally figures it all out and even has a chance to remind Aunt Rosemary of something she forgot!

    14. The Frazzle family lack executive functioning skills, so Aunt Rosemary comes in to organize their lives. Unfortunately, none of her interventions work, until her off-key singing inspires the youngest Frazzle to create her own solution. Cute. The illustrations really steal the scenes though.

    15. The Frazzle family is terribly forgetful, but Aunt Rosemary comes up with the most hilarious songs to help them remember. I love this because I always make up little songs to remember things too - it really works! The fun story is supported by madcap illustrations.

    16. The Frazzles forget everything. Aunt Rosemary comes to help out and give them ideas. Teaching ideas for this story include: organization and problem solving. I always enjoy Stephen Gammell's artwork.

    17. Um parts of this picture book are pretty cute and clever, and I am a sucker for any picture book that references music. But all of that doesn't add up to an especially good book. Or an especially good story.

    18. A family who can't stay on task, or recall what needs to be accomplished throughout their busy day. Even the family pet is caught up in this whirlwind. A visiting family member steps in and assists them to untangle their mental fray.

    19. The story is a clever twist- the "helpful aunt" offers the traditional "make notes" solution but it's the kids who figure out a strategy that really works. What really brings it to life are the illustrations- infused with movement, swirling color, and characters conveying good-hearted cluelessness.

    20. I can relate to some of the incidents portrayed in this story: forgetting grocery store items (except I actually carry a list - go figure); dressing incorrectly for the weather: and not being able to find my car in just about any parking lot.

    21. We all have different ways to do and different strengths. Although the Frazzle's really can't remember the organizing systems devised by their well-meaning aunt, they end up finding a way to remember things - especially the really important ones.

    22. Use with a child struggling to remember things or as a title to include in a music program for older kids. Pair with a states song, presidents song, etc. Best read by someone who can sing :-/

    23. The Frazzle family is very forgetful. Nothing seems to help them remember important things until they use song to help them remember.

    24. A forgetful family tries a number of methods to make themselves remember daily tasks, but only one seems to stick. Very cute!

    25. These splattery illustrations are my FAVORITE. Love them. The story is both unique and familiar. A great pick for a humorous storytime about forgetfulness.

    26. I am personally always trying to find ways to become less frazzled and I found lots of humor in the book and even felt a little smug - *I* have never forgotten my trousers.

    27. Frazzle family is very forgetful. Dad forgets his trousers and the dog cannot find its bone, to name just a few problems. A cautionary tale of forgetfulness.

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