Junie B., First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff)

Junie B First Grader Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten and Other Thankful Stuff Meet the World s Funniest First Grader Junie B Jones Gobble gobble With over million books in print Barbara Park s New York Times bestselling chapter book series Junie B Jones is a classroom fa

  • Title: Junie B., First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff)
  • Author: Barbara Park
  • ISBN: 9780449014585
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Meet the World s Funniest First Grader Junie B Jones Gobble, gobble With over 50 million books in print, Barbara Park s New York Times bestselling chapter book series, Junie B Jones, is a classroom favorite and has been keeping kids laughing and reading for over 20 years In the 28th Junie B Jones book, Room One is getting ready for their very own Thanksgiving feast TMeet the World s Funniest First Grader Junie B Jones Gobble, gobble With over 50 million books in print, Barbara Park s New York Times bestselling chapter book series, Junie B Jones, is a classroom favorite and has been keeping kids laughing and reading for over 20 years In the 28th Junie B Jones book, Room One is getting ready for their very own Thanksgiving feast There s even a contest to see which room can write the best thankful list The winners will get a pumpkin pie Only it turns out being thankful is harder than it looks Because Junie B is not actually thankful for Tattletale May Or squash Or scratchy pilgrim costumes And pumpkin pie makes her vomit, anyway Will Room One win the disgusting pie Can May and Junie B find common ground Or will this Thanksgiving feast turn into a Turkey Day Disaster USA TODAY Junie B is the darling of the young reader set Publisher s Weekly Park convinces beginning readers that Junie B and reading are lots of fun Kirkus Reviews Junie s swarms of young fans will continue to delight in her unique take on the world.A hilarious, first rate read aloud Time Magazine Junie B Jones is a feisty six year old with an endearing penchant for honesty From the Hardcover edition.

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      Barbara Park received over 40 awards for her books, including 25 Children s Choice awards Park was the daughter of a merchant and a secretary, Doris and Brooke Tidswell She grew up in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey From 1965 to 1967, she attended Rider College, later finishing her B.S in 1969 at the University of Alabama She married Richard A Park in 1969 She lived in Phoenix, Arizona for almost 30 years and had two sons, Steven and David She was the author of the popular Junie B Jones children s series She won seven Children s Choice Awards, and four Parents Choice Awards She also wrote many middle grade novels, such as The Kid in the Red Jacket Source

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    1. I have missed you Junie B. Jones!! Such a laugh (several actually) my daughter and I shared while reading this book. You are never to old to read these books. Hysterical! Junie B. Jones and her fellow first graders are entering the school contest with their classes "Thankful List." The grand prize is a homemade pie from the lunch lady (which none of them want) and bragging rights of being the first, first grade class to ever win (which does sound cool). Only who else will like or appreciate a th [...]

    2. My 7 year old niece's rating 4.5/5 stars.My niece really enjoys Junie B. Jones, so I took this book out from the library for her. I've always found Junie to be a fun and energetic kid. But the errors/intentional mistakes always drove me crazy (did not want my niece to learn to say things incorrectly). Thankfully in this book there seem to be be much fewer mistakes. Junie writes a journal. So most of the mistakes are there.This story is about Junie's class of first graders. Their teacher Mr. Scar [...]

    3. I've been wondering for several years now if Barbara Park had abandoned her most popular character in favor of writing something new. I, personally, am a big Junie B. fan and have read every book in the series. When I initially stumbled onto my first Junie B. book, my mom and sisters and I sat around and read it aloud to each other until we laughed so hard we couldn't continue. I don't see Junie B. as a bad example. I see her as an energetic kiddo who just needs to develop a little impulse contr [...]

    4. I haven't read every Junie B. Jones book, but I've read some of her books from when she was in kindergarten and first grade. This adventure is a first-grade adventure, and it is set during the week of Thanksgiving. Her first grade class is participating in a school contest, each student can contribute up to two things they are thankful for. The best "thankful list" wins a pumpkin pie--no matter if the class likes pumpkin pie or not. Junie's class is very, very honest. Their thankful list reflect [...]

    5. So I seen this on our bookshelf and realized I hadn't read it yet so I decided to read it X)I grew up with Junie B. Jones so I enjoyed it.

    6. 1. Junie B. Jones first grade class, Mr. Scarys’ class is entering a school wide competition to see who can come up with a list of what they are most thankful for. Mr. Scary tells the class that the prize for winning is homemade pumpkin pie that the lunch lady was going to make. The students in Junie’s class starts to make a list and they realize that Mr. Scary does not approve of the things they say. But soon Mr. Scary realizes that the first graders are going to be thankful of different th [...]

    7. This is the 28th book in the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park and Denise Brunkus. I'd read all of the previous books in the series with our girls, but they looked upon this book with disdain. After all, our youngest is in second grade and they had no interest in reading this book with me. So purely for nostalgia's sake (and the desire for a few chuckles), I read this book on my own.This is a humorous story, very similiar to the other books in the series. It has a Thanksgiving theme, althoug [...]

    8. I was thinking of reading this aloud, but I didn't get around to it, so I just read it myself. My first Junie B. book in a long time.Junie B. (and the other kids) are very funny, as always. I liked the stories behind the things they are thankful for as they work on a class list of thankfulness, and the Philip Johnny Bob incidents. The list of things the kids are thankful for does feel like an accurate list of what first graders would be thankful for.I still might end up reading this aloud someti [...]

    9. Ya gotta love Junie B. Jones, I believe. What's not to love about a girl who says she absolutely doesn't want to be a pilgrim because their costumes are hottish and sweatish.And what's not to love about Room One's Thankful List which includesrainbow sprinklesthe box of 64 Crayola crayonssnausagesthe Cartoon NetworkI'm not sure I would want to be Mr. Scary, the teacher in Room One, but I would definitely love being a regular observer.My favorite passage: "Woo-hoo!" I said to Herbert. "This is a d [...]

    10. Title: Junie B. First Grader, Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff)Author: Barbara ParkIllustrator: Denise BrunkusGenre: Transitional, Chapter book, JuvenileTheme: Thanksgiving, Being thankful, Food, Classroom communityOpening line of book/ sentence:Dear first- grade journal, Today is the month of Thanksgiving.Brief Book Summary:Junie B. Jones is in her classroom, and its almost Thanksgiving. The story starts off with the class brainstorming a huge list of what they’re tha [...]

    11. *Note: This is a review of the entire series as a whole because I feel the same about each book.*Quite honestly, I think this should be one of the first chapter books you let your kids read. Sure, the grammar is a little off at times (it's a small child, come on!) and the subject matter can get a little crazy (Once again, it's a small child!) these books are entertaining and easy to read for your little readers! My cousin who is 6 LOVES these books, and when I was little I loved them too. Overal [...]

    12. OK, I am not the intended audience for this book (I needed a book "recommended by a young person", and every young person I know shrugged and said they didn't read books. Or was straight up incoherent - I didn't have a translator for that 6 year old. I was about to try asking the pre-verbal tots, but I got a reference librarian to tell me what her kids liked.)It did evoke elementary school rather more vividly than I thought my memories could manage.

    13. Junie B. and her classmates are learning what it means to be thankful and are working on a class assignment to come up with a thankful list. The students come up with some pretty interesting items to put on their list. The book is humorous and typical of the Junie B. series. My kids and I laughed at various points and I cringed at some of Junie's words and actions. Overall, I thought this was a fun book but not one of the best Junie B. books.

    14. Fun kids book that takes place entirely in a first-grade school classroom. Quick chapter book reading that will keep 6- to 9-year-olds' interest. Enjoyed reading with my 9-year-old niece in just over a day. :)

    15. Excellent read out-loud book! Very relatable to first and second graders. Especially the out-burst scenes. Also the strong opinions. And also about our differences and still being thankful about some of the same things. Awesome book!

    16. Junie B.'s 28th adventure. A hilarious and honest look at preparing a Thankful list for her first grade class. The prize for the best list is a pumpkin pie that no one wants. Read to 1st graders who laughed, throughout.

    17. I always enjoyed reading Junie B as a child and still enjoy reading them to my daughter. Barbara Park has done a great job with all of the Junie B series. I always have a good time reading her stories. This one was so funny. Very good book overall.

    18. The narrator was annoying in this one. My boys and I listened to about one CD but the girls were just too annoying for us so we stopped listening to it.

    19. No one does it better than Junie B Jones! She's a first grader, but these stories are great read-aloud, laugh a lot tales for kids in years 5 and 6.

    20. Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff) is the 28th book about Junie B. Jones, and the first new book to be added to the series in quite some time. (Book 27, Dumb Bunny, was published in 2007.) Every class in Junie’s school has been tasked with creating a list of things they are thankful for to be entered into a school-wide contest. Junie’s teacher, Mr. Scary, is convinced his students can win, but makes the mistake of telling them the prize is a pumpkin pie, which the kid [...]

    21. I originally wanted to give this 3 and 1/2 stars but you can't do that here.I had planned this post long before the sad news that Barbara Park had passed away. I decided to go ahead with it in homage to her and the character she created. Junie B Jones has helped so many kids learn to love reading, including a few in my family. Thank you, Barbara.It is Thanksgiving week and Mr. Scary's first graders in Room One have some activities planned to help celebrate the holiday.On the Monday before Thanks [...]

    22. "I've never been sure whether Junie B.'s fans love her in spite of her imperfections or because of them. Either way, she's gone out into the world and made more friends than I ever dreamed possible." ―Barbara Park, from the About the Author section of Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten This book was released in conjunction with the twentieth anniversary of the first entry in the Junie B. Jones series, and those first twenty years certainly were a great time. Barbara Park successfully condensed th [...]

    23. One of my absolute favorite book series as a kid! Barbara Park has done it again and has written another absolutely hilarious tale of Junie B. Jones! These books have always been extremely entertaining to me as a little kid and it excites me to see her still writing new stories for this hilarious character, Junie B. This particular story was brought to me at a perfect time! Thanksgiving! In this particular book, it is Thanksgiving time in her 1st grade class! Room one is planning a thanksgiving [...]

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