Ben Ozzy


  • Title: Ben Ozzy
  • Author: Ozzy Osbourne
  • ISBN: 9786054263950
  • Page: 384
  • Format: None
  • New York Times ok Satan BEN OZZY HEAVY METAL TAR H NE DAMGASINI VURMU EFSANEV OZZY OSBOURNEUN SIRA DI I HAYAT H K YES N LK KEZ KALEME ALDI I K TAP Ozzy Osbourne 1948 y l nda, Aston, Birminghamda do du Black Sabbathla ve bir ok d l kazand solo kariyeri boyunca y z milyondan fazla alb m satt E i Sharonla birlikte Buckinghamshire ve Californiada ya yor ve be oNew York Times ok Satan BEN OZZY HEAVY METAL TAR H NE DAMGASINI VURMU EFSANEV OZZY OSBOURNEUN SIRA DI I HAYAT H K YES N LK KEZ KALEME ALDI I K TAP Ozzy Osbourne 1948 y l nda, Aston, Birminghamda do du Black Sabbathla ve bir ok d l kazand solo kariyeri boyunca y z milyondan fazla alb m satt E i Sharonla birlikte Buckinghamshire ve Californiada ya yor ve be ocu u var Babam daima, bir g n b y k bir ey yapaca m s ylerdi imde bir his var, John Osbourne, derdi birka biran n ard ndan Ya ola an st bir ey yapacaks n ya da hapse gireceksin Ve benim ihtiyar hakl kt On sekizinci ya g n mden nce hapse girdim nsanlar bana h l nas l hayatta oldu umu soruyorlar, bense ne diyece imi bilemiyorum B y d m s rada, beni mahallenin di er ocuklar yla birlikte bir duvar n n ne dizseniz ve hangimizin altm ya na kadar ya ayaca n , hangimizin be ocu u, d rt torunu, California ve Buckinghamshireda evleri olaca n sorsan z, bahsi kesinlikle kendi zerime oynamazd m Ama i te buraday m Kendi hik yemi, kendi s zc klerimle anlatmaya haz r m, ilk defa Hayat m n her g n bir olayd Otuz y l boyunca tehlikeli miktarlarda alkol ve uyu turucu ald m Kafama inen bir u aktan, kendimi ld rmeye yetecek a r dozlardan, cinsel yolla bula an hastal klardan ve bir cinayet su lamas ndan kurtuldum T m bunlar n ard ndan neredeyse l yordum Saatte kilometre h zla giden bir arazi arac y z nden Okuyacaklar n z n o u pek ho olmayacak Ya am m i erisinde baz k t eyler yapt m Daima karanl k tarafa do ru ekildim Ama ben eytan de ilim Sadece Astondaki i i bir aileden gelen ve daha iyi bir ya am s rmek i in fabrikadaki i ini b rakan John Osbourne um.

    Ozzy Lusth Oscar Ozzy Lusth born August , , in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico is an American reality show veteran contestant who has appeared on several shows, including Survivor Cook Islands, where he finished as the runner up Survivor Micronesia and Survivor South Pacific.He also competed in the th edition of Survivor Game Changers and the second season of American Ninja Warrior He Ozzy Osbourne s Ex Mistress Michelle Pugh Opens Up About Aug , Ozzy Osbourne s Ex Mistress Michelle Pugh Opens Up About Year Affair He Gave Me the Greatest Love of My Life Ozzy Osbourne John Michael Ozzy Osbourne born December , also known as The Prince of Darkness, is an English vocalist, songwriter, actor and reality television star who rose to prominence during the s as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Ozzy Osbourne hospitalized due to complications from influenza Rock star Ozzy Osbourne has been hospitalized after complications from influenza, his wife Sharon Osbourne said on Twitter Wednesday As some of you may have heard, Ozzy was admitted to the Sharon Osbourne Contactmusic Sharon Osbourne born Sharon Osbourne is married to rock singer Ozzy Osbourne.Though Sharon was known in the music industry as Ozzy s manager, she rose to prominence in the public eye Former Ozzy Osbourne Uriah Heep drummer Lee Kerslake has Dec , Drummer Lee Kerslake, an original member of Ozzy Osbourne s solo band and a longtime member of Uriah Heep, reveals in a new interview that a Ozzy Osbourne admitted to hospital for complications from Wife Sharon Osbourne thanks supporters for concern and love during illness that has forced cancellation of European tour Google Search the world s information, including webpages, images, videos and Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you re looking for. Ozzy Osbourne out of ICU, recovering from flu In October , Ozzy was hospitalized with two infections in his hand that required surgery to heal. Thankfully, the Crazy Train singer s health finally appears to be on the up and up. Ben Poole Band The Railway Inn Live Music Venue Live Music Venue and Pub in Winchester, Hampshire Ben Poole is currently being described as the most exciting young blues roots artist to come out of the UK in a long, long time.

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    1. Ozzy Osbourne

      John Michael Ozzy Osbourne is the lead vocalist of the pioneering English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, a multi platinum, award winning successful solo artist and the star of the reality show, The Osbournes Considered by many to be the Godfather of Heavy Metal, Ozzy has enjoyed a career that has now spanned four decades.

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    1. Opening Line: "My father always said I would do something big one day."I grew up in the 80’s so the Ozzy that I knew wasn’t the comical, stuttering MTV family man of today but the Prince of darkness. Black Sabbath’s scary, out of control singer who bit the head off of bats and doves and worshiped the devil. (Or so the rumours said) My brother used to play his records (yes I’m that old) during his rocker/bad boy phase (he’s now with the RCMP) and I remember being forced to listen to Ozz [...]

    2. I think they had this idea in their heads that when I wasn’t being arrested for public intoxication, I went to a cave and hung upside down, drinking snakes’ blood. But I’m like Coco the Clown, me: at the end of the day, I come home, take off my greasepaint and my big red nose, and become Dad.I'll admit to not being an Ozzy fan. I can normally be found listening to indie pop. I don't dislike him, but his music just does nothing for me. It doesn't make me swoon.But my offline BFF begged me t [...]

    3. How this man is still alive is beyond me. There are people who [to quote the Hulkster] say their prayers and eat their vitamins, yet they choke on a peanut or cross the street on a red light and it's curtains for them. Curtains, I say! But this guy did just about every drug there is and now enjoys a decently healthy life while being a grandfather. I love rock music, but I can't say that I'm this hardcore fan of Black Sabbath or Ozzy - I do love some of his songs (the well known tunes, to be hone [...]

    4. Wow, I am reading the most entertaining biography out there. This one I simply can't stop laughing - I am about half way through this book and can tell you that it is now my most favorite book. Since this is a library copy that I am reading I plan to still buy the book. I love Ozzy and his book so much. Even if you are not a Black Sabbath fan, I am sure you will enjoy this book. I recommend this book for reading to lighten their day and for a thoroughly relaxing little getaway from the stresses [...]

    5. The writing is truly atrocious. It reads like Ozzy dictated his life story into a tape recorder, handed it to the ghost writer, and said "Transcribe this word for word." Since Ozzy left school at 15, you can probably guess how that went. But you don't read this book for the prose; you read it for the stories. And oh, the stories. The famous dove, bat, and Alamo tales are there, as are more behind the scenes accounts of band in-fighting and tragedy. Ozzy doesn't hold back on any of his crazy esca [...]

    6. Every time I watched the cover of this book I couldn’t get out of my head this song by Ozzy Osbourne "Over The Mountain". Just this part:”Don’t need no astrologyIt’s inside of you and meYou don’t need a ticket to fly with meI’m free yeah”Playing over and over again.And you know what, it's true!It's free! (Well At least it was when I downloaded it.)This probably is the funniest autobiography out there. I literally burst out laughing several times. Once I was at work, reading and cou [...]

    7. Diese Bio ist fast das verückteste vor allem nicht fiktionale Werk, das ich je gelesen habe. Jedesmal denkt man - neiiin Ozzy mach das jetzt nicht und dann tut er es doch. Von den ersten Jobs in der Fabrik über das Schlachthaus bis zur Musikerkarriere vergisst Ozzy nie, woher er kommt und bleibt sich treu, obwohl er meist nicht ganz Herr seiner Sinne ist und wie eine geladene Waffe voller Unsinn und den Kopf voller Drogen und Alkohol durch sein Leben stolpert. Auch an ehrlicher Selbstkritik be [...]

    8. A fun memoir, pretty much what you would expect from the prince of darkness. Many of his stories are laugh out loud funny and I loved seeing references to Fleetwood Mac! Who would have thought that Black Sabbaths original goal would be to mimick Fleetwood Mac. Granted it was the bluesie Peter Green Mac, not the Mac of today but the thought of Black Sabbath as a blues band also blew my mind. It's amazing the different directions that these bands have taken and what they are now famous for. Maybe [...]

    9. Having grown up in the 80's and being a HUGE fan of Duran Duran and the likes, I admit that Ozzy Osbourne scared the bejeezus out of me. His music scared mehis pictures scared men't even get me started on his videos!It wasn't until MTV started with "The Osbournes" that I saw a completely different side of himd I actually loved him (and his nutty family!). I was so excited to read that he had a book coming out that I snatched it up as soon as I found itI must say, it is written as if Ozzy is sitt [...]

    10. Ozzy Osbourne is interesting for some reason.His book was fascinating. The main think you think as you read it is, how did this man SURVIVE all of this?He did just about every drug in existence, drank tons of alcohol and got into so many dangerous situations and here he is alive to tell about it.I must say, I think I'd rather hang with the Osbournes than the Duggars for some reason. They seem like fun and they'd have raucous metal and as mild as I am, despite the fact that I seldom cuss in publi [...]

    11. Okurken vay be dedirten bir kitaptı. Ozzy'nin Black Sabbath'ın kuruluşuyla başından geçenleri bu kitapta gayet güzel öğreniyoruz. Ama kitap Ozzy'nin çocukluğu ve gençliği ile başlıyor, ailesini ve girdiği işleri öğreniyoruz. Sonra da Tony Iommi ve diğerleri ile nasıl orijinal Black Sabbath'ın kurulduğunu anlatıyor. Şöhret basamaklarını nasıl tırmandıklarını, sonra herkesin kendi yoluna gittiğini, kendi grubuyla turlarken başına gelen faciayı (gitaristinin öl [...]

    12. Ozzy should be, and is, a musical legend. He was part of a very influential music genre changing group (Black Sabbath) and was a huge part of the hair medal of the 80s yet this book focused very little on his music but most on his numerous addictions. It does seem unfair somehow that his health appears fine with all that he’s done to himself. This book leads me to think the music wasn’t as big a thing with Ozzy as much as the notoriety was. Ozzy is a blessed individual. He surrounded himself [...]

    13. I am ozzy is a book about the life of the famous singer John Michael (Ozzy) Osbourne. Reading through his autobiography i began to understand the influence of his life on his music. his musical career from the beginning changed music forever. The band black sabbath wich consisted of Ozzy Osbourne, Toni Iomi, Geezer Butler, and Bill ward created some would say a whole new genre of music wich at the time was just called heavy metal. in this book the reader will learn about who Ozzy is, what he has [...]

    14. I want to share one passage from this book:**They just wouldn't fuck off, those Satanists. I'd walk out of my hotel in the morning, and they'd be right outside my door, sitting in a circle on the carpet, all dressed in black hooded capes, surrounded by candles. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. So, one morning, instead of brushing past them as I usually did, I went up to them, sat down, took a deep breath, blew out the candles and sang 'Happy Birthday'.They weren't too fucking happy about [...]

    15. Where to begin. Ozzy is the Alexander the Great of substance abuse, except that he didn't die in his early 30s despite every attempt to do so.I believe that this book is proof that there is no underlying justice in the world. How can Dio be dead and this pickled human still live?The inherent injustice aside, my wife said that she has never heard me laugh out loud so many times while reading a book. Laugh-horror is the only 'adjective' I can think of to describe my impression throughout the autob [...]

    16. As a long time fan of Ozzy, I was excited to find he had written an autobiography. Even if I've stopped following his recent activity, his music has been a constant in my life for at least thirty years. So I decided to read this book. I'd already heard so many of the stories, and remembered a lot of them from the news. So I didn't expect too much.I was wrong. This book is phenomenal. It is everything an autobiography should be. Ozzy starts from childhood and goes straight up to the writing of hi [...]

    17. Well Wow, just wow. It must have been said so many times before, but just how can this man take so many drugs over the all decades of his life? Like most biographies, Ozzy’s covers his early childhood and some of his early ‘work’ experiences. Unlike many biographies (although not that uncommon amongst musicians’) after his initial success in Black Sabbath, Ozzy’s life drops into an endless rush of booze, illegal drugs, legal drugs and substances not supposed to be consumed by human mor [...]

    18. The reviews for this book were so great I just had to check it out. And besides, while I was never a serious head-banger I did have my Ozzy 8-track back in the day and I was darn curious to see what he has to say now that he's old enough to be someone's grandpa.First of all, if you are at all easily-shocked, don't read this. Second of all, if you can't hand the odd (as in mentioned every other sentence) four-letter word, don't read this.But I did. And, honestly, I was completely engrossed all th [...]

    19. Surprisingly down-to-earth. Hilarious and yet oddly tender.I know nothing about Black Sabbath and I never watched The Osbournes, except for the odd trailers that I would catch on tv. I was fascinated by Ozzy's version of his life. There's a blunt honesty in this book and a kind of vulnerability that peeks through the words. It says a lot about the power of his story that I didn't hate him for the atrocious things that he's done.Iconic moments of insanity had new amusing meaning. Some of the dark [...]

    20. You can blame Keff Richards for the only three stars. Had I read Ozzy's book first, he would have received four and Keith only three. The story is the same, only the street names were changed to protect their innocence. Post-war England, described in most books as a shit-hole forever filmed in black and white. In the USA, we were trying to recover from the murder of our President, and the different reality of black and white. Music changed our lives. Some worked very hard and they escaped the sh [...]

    21. Entertaining from front to back, a wild life of a wild man. I flew through this one. The substance abuse gets a little repetitive by the end, but hey, that's his reality. The guy should really have hit the slab a long time ago from all he's done to himself, it's a miracle he's still walking. Good romp through the world of a man who started with nothing, behaved badly most of his life, but stumbled his way to the top through force of will and the help of other talented and dedicated (and sometime [...]

    22. It was a candid biography by Ozzy. I was not disappointed, and he told it like it was and his personality was woven throughout the book. I could hear his voice in my head as I was reading it, and he was not mumbling.I highly recommend it to everyone and it is definitely one of the Top Ten Rock n Roll biographies/autobiographies I have read.

    23. I wish I could have a physical copy of this book because this is badass-ery at its finest level. Ozzy talks about his life with his trademark language full of curse words and funny observations.

    24. 4.5 StarsOkay, so it is not the best written book ever, but it is a really great read. You may not like all of what Ozzy has done, but boy, what a roller coaster ride his life has been until now and what is more amazing, is that he is still around to tell the tale. And there is far more to Ozzy than just bats! All music lovers or fans of biographies should have this book in their collection

    25. Let's be clear: I've never worshipped Ozzy like the Rock God he probably deserves to be. I get the whole "Black Sabbath invented heavy metal" thing, and am forever in debt for their contribution to the genre. I am also equally impressed that the man went from being the frontman of one of the most important bands of all time, to having such an acclaimed solo career, despite every odd being against him. My problems, however, came after Ozzy fizzled, no longer such a figurehead in the music scene, [...]

    26. Dạo này mình không nghe metal nhiều nữa. Nhạc mình nghe hiện tại rất hổ lốn: từ nhạc Việt xưa, các bài hit top 50 US, bolero, nhạc rap các bạn trẻ chửi nhau, đến BTS Hàn Quốc mình cũng nghe tuốt. Nhưng có một giai đoạn, khi mình học cuối cấp 2, đầu những năm cấp 3, đa phần mình chỉ nghe metal.Ngày đó, lần mò vào thế giới rock/ metal, mình bị choáng ngợp bởi độ phủ hoành tráng và tuyệt vời [...]

    27. How fitting it is to come from reading one of the worst books ever in that of Tommyland to this one, I Am Ozzy, which is the epitome of how to write a book. I Am Ozzy is hands down the best Rock Biography I have ever read. From page one to the very end of the book, there is not one wasted moment. Everything I read in I Am Ozzy is perfect. It's engaging, entertaining and more often than not, extremely funny.I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud at some of the stories Ozzy would recou [...]

    28. Dude. Ozzy wrote a book. No, really, seriously. I admit that I kinda scratched my head when I heard that he had one coming out. It's taken me a while to read it because well, I can barely understand what the dude is saying these days. I'm kind of scared of what he'll write - or if it will be coherent. The man has taken so many drugs throughout his life, I'd be surprised if he remembers his own nameImagine my surprise when I found his story is actually quite fascinating. A big kudos to him for ge [...]

    29. Having been a fan of Ozzy sincewell more years than I care to remember right now, and a big fan of autobiographies I can't believe that it's taken me this long to get around to reading this one, but eventually I did.d I debated for quite a while over whether I should award it 4 or 5 stars but in the end I decided 4 as it's incredibly difficult for me to give a book 5 stars.That said I found this to be a really enjoyable read and it was good to get the stories I'd heard or read about for years di [...]

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