Skate There s not much keeping Ian McDermott in Spokane but at least it s home He s been raising Sammy practically on his own ever since their mom disappeared again on one of her binges They get by findin

  • Title: Skate
  • Author: Michael Harmon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There s not much keeping Ian McDermott in Spokane, but at least it s home He s been raising Sammy practically on his own ever since their mom disappeared again on one of her binges They get by, finding just enough to eat and plenty of time to skateboard But at Morrison High, Ian is getting the distinct, chilling feeling that the administration wants him and his board anThere s not much keeping Ian McDermott in Spokane, but at least it s home He s been raising Sammy practically on his own ever since their mom disappeared again on one of her binges They get by, finding just enough to eat and plenty of time to skateboard But at Morrison High, Ian is getting the distinct, chilling feeling that the administration wants him and his board and his punked hair gone Simply gone And when his temper finally blows he actually takes a swing at Coach Florence and knocks him cold Ian knows he s got to grab Sammy and skate Run.Their search for the one relative they can think of, their only hope, leads Ian and Sammy across the entire state of Washington in the cold and rain and straight into a shocking discovery Through it all, Ian knows exactly what he has to do protect Sammy, and let no one split up their family of two Michael Harmon tells a nuanced and unflinching story of wilderness survival, the fierce bond between brothers, and teen rage and redemption.From the Hardcover edition.

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      Michael Harmon Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Skate book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Harmon author readers around the world.

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    1. This book is amazing. You will never guess what is going to happen next. You thinkyou know but you never will.

    2. Do you like skateboarding and violence? Well then, Skate is the book for you. Skate is a realistic fiction book and is full of action. I picked this book up because I thought it would be just about skating but I realized that there is more to this book than kick flips. I would say that this is probably the best book I've ever read.The setting of my book is an urban city, which 15 year old Ian McDerrmottlives in. Ian is a regular kid to his friends, but to his teachers, he is a scumbag skater who [...]

    3. Reviewed: July 26, 2009Review:This book, Skate by Michael Harmon, has utterly swept me off my feet. Not only is it utterly tragic, but it's something that on one way or another, everyone can relate to. Things are never perfect at home & if someone dares say to me that they are or ever were, they're definitly lying. Fights, drug-addicted parents, parents that weren't there, only one parent; regardless what, it takes a tole on both the parent(s) & the children.That was the type of thing th [...]

    4. Skate by Michael Harmon, follows young skater Ian McDermott. While being a junior in highschool and juggling skateboarding with school work, Ian is also raising his younger brother, Sammy, while his Mom is out on her drinking binges. Both Sammy and Ian skate with each other during the free time. At school, Ian is hated by the majority of his teachers. He ends up punching and knocking out his coach. The stress end up being too much for him, which leaves him with only one choice; leave with Sammy. [...]

    5. Reviewed by Mechele R. Dillard for TeensReadTooFifteen-year-old Ian McDermott already has a tough life: He's never really known his father, his mother is a drug addict and spends most of her time on the streets, and he is left caring for his younger brother, Sammy. What he needs from "the system" is some help; what he gets is placed on a list of kids who the principal wants out of his school as soon as possible. And, when he takes a swing at Coach Florence and breaks his jaw, he knows that the p [...]

    6. The reason I chose this book i thought it was about skating but it turned into a whole different story and i liked it. This book is about a kid named Ian Mcdermmont his mom almost abbonded him so he now has to take care of his brother. Ian is scruggling in school yelling at teachers, he just got suspened because he punched his gym teacher in the face. He panicked and they ran away from home to try to find there dad in Oregon. Ian and his brother Sammy are almost to there dad and Sammy starts get [...]

    7. this book is about this kid his name is Ian he is a spohmore at Morrison high and he skateboards. He is one of the cool popular kids at his school that has a puck atitude and get all the girls. For his family life Hes dad leaves faraway and has ever been hurd of for awhile and for his mother she ran way becouse of one of there many fights he also has a little brother named sammy that he has to take care of becouse he has no one else that will. one day at Morrison high his Coach "Coach Florence" [...]

    8. I thought it was an amazing book. It was a story of a 15 year old skater name Ian Mcdermont and his little brother Sammy Mcdermont. Their mom is a big drug addict and is almost never home forcing Ian to raise sammy himself. The administration wants him out of there school and have him by the neck. When something goes wrong him and Sammy have to leave Spokane and find the only other relative they can think of. It becomes a journey that leads them acroos the entire state of washington. To then fin [...]

    9. I really like this book. I've readby him, and when I saw this one, I thought it was a new book, but it is his first novel. The story was gritty, and his description of Ian's life is something every teacher needs to read. It puts life in perspective. I found the journey cross-country a little unrealistic, but the love between the brothers makes the novel truly inspiring.

    10. This is one of my go-to books for reluctant male readers in my class. Working with teenage boys, it can be difficult to find books that not only grab their attention, but also hold it for enough time to let them finish the entire novelat is not a problem with this book, but really I can count on ANY book from Michael Harmon to keep my students turning the pages.

    11. This isn't a genre I read a lot of, but I enjoyed this book. It isn't what I would call a top-knotch book, but it was compelling enough to make me finish it in a hurry. (To find out what happens to the main character--not because I wanted it to be over fast. )The story is about two brothers: fifteen year-old Ian and ten year-old Sammy. Ever since their father left them with their drug addict mother, Ian has been taking care of Sammy. (He picks him up from school, helps him with his homework, for [...]

    12. Book Talk: Skate, By Michael HarmonThe book skate is about a kid named Ian. He has a very hard life his mother is a drug addict and spends most her time on the street and rarely comes and see her two kids.ian has to support his younger brother because he has no parents to do so. They never really knew their father he left after the younger brother was born. Sammy is his younger brother. Ian gets into some trouble after making a couple of bad decisions all though his morals where good his actions [...]

    13. Do you like skateboarding and mild violence? If you do this is the book for you. This book is realistic fiction and it has a lot of action. My overall opinion of the book is that it is the one of the best books I have ever read because it is very interesting. When I checked this book out I thought it would be about skateboarding and tricks, but boy was I wrong this book has more to it than skateboarding. The setting of the book is at a urban city, where 15 years old Ian McDerrmott lives in. He i [...]

    14. I tried to read this books as a teenager and now as a young adult I am coming back to finish it. It was due back to the library and I never checked it out till now. College sort of ruined my love of reading for several years.I found this book very easy to read. It wasn't one of those books where I had to force myself to read at all. The characters were easy to relate to in the way that the main character is a skateboarder who doesn't fit in and he loves his family. He is also very impulsive at t [...]

    15. Skate by Michael Harmon is a heart-warming suspenseful realistic fiction that you should definitely read! The main character, Ian, is not afraid of anything. He raises his little brother, Sammy. He feeds him, helps him with his homework, he does everything for him because his mom can't. Ian is the kind of character that everyone in the book hates or loves. There is no in between. I "rooted" for Ian throughout the whole book because he spoke his mind and was passionate about helping his little br [...]

    16. After reading "Skate" by Micheal Harmon, I was blown away. Words cannot describe how real and how raw this book is. The overall message of the story was understood at every angle. It was unpredictable to the point where you couldn't stop reading it. At one point, I honestly and truthfully thought I was reading a REAL STORY. It was amazing.The book begins with Ian, the troubled teen that, well, hates the world and knows the world hates him back. In school he faces many problems such as ravenous P [...]

    17. From School Library JournalGrade 8 Up–Ian McDermott doesn't have much going for him. He has basically raised himself and his young brother, who has fetal alcohol syndrome. Their mother is a deadbeat drug addict who makes rare appearances in their lives. At Morrison High School, things aren't much better; the administration wants him out. The thing is, Ian isn't going to take any guff from anyone. But one day, he loses his cool and ends up breaking Coach Florence's jaw. The teen knows that he a [...]

    18. Skate takes place in Spokane, WA (my hometown) and is about the troubles of a skater-punk kid name Ian. His mother is a drug addict and is never home, so Ian is left to take care of his little brother, Sammy. As you can imagine, this gets very difficult for Ian to deal with and he eventually gets into some trouble at school. He decides to run away to find his father who left them when they were young. He has an address in Walla Walla and that’s all he knows about him, but it’s his only chanc [...]

    19. I was immediately swept into the highly emotionally charged world of 15 year old skateboader, Ian McDermott, a decent kid who makes some bad decisions for the right reasons. He is raising his 10 year old brother, Sammy, as best he can in the absence of his father (who abandoned them before Sammy was born) while also trying to help his incompetent crack head mother. Ian is angry, frustrated and desperate to not become “a loser.” His high school administrators habitually harass him until he fi [...]

    20. Skate is a book I have read three times and have had a different experience with every time. It is an extraordinary book By Michael Harmon. IT is a book that is focused on a trouble teenager and his kid brother whose mother is a drug addict that likes to bring strange men home, and after the older brother gets in a bit of trouble at school he and his brother begin to run away going to find their father who abandon them as small children. So they leave on a adventure and they run into issue with [...]

    21. I read this book for school a few weeks back.It was a very well written book about a troubled teen named Ian. The themes of independence and brotherhood are very apparent in this book. Textual evidence shows that Ian has to fend for himself because his mother is a drug addict and he does not have much information about his father.Ian must also care for his little brother named Sammy because he is all Sammy has. Ian has a temper problem that seems understandable from his point of view and outlook [...]

    22. This story was one of the best books i have personally ever read. It explains how a family fights to stay together. This book is about a boy named ian and his younger brother sam. What makes these to kids diffrent from everybody else is that they dont have a mom or dad. they are on there own in a big world while trying to get bye. Ian is 15 years old and goes to highschool. his teachers dont no that he doesnt have any parents and just think hes a trouble maker. Ian works at a local store to help [...]

    23. Ian is growing up in a world were he has no parental support. His mother is a drug addict and throughout most of the book we dont know where his father is or what he does. Ian is forced to take care of his ten year old brother who is somewhat challenged. To top things off Ian and his brother dont fit in well at school. Ians principle tells him that he is "cleaning up" the school and that Ian would have more success at another school. Later, Ian is harassed by his gym teacher and ends up hitting [...]

    24. Skate, by Michael Harmon surprised me grandly. I started this book just as a book I could say I was reading and could add to my booklist, but I learned to think of it otherwise. I opened the cover and automatically knew I was in for a treat. The characters were gripping, surprising, and REAL! Although I have never gone through anything even remotely close to what Ian and his brother had to grow up and deal with, I could understand everything they did and why they did it. I was glad to see that w [...]

    25. I really liked this book. At the beginning, I thought it was going to be about skating and all that,but it totally changes after Ian and his llitle brother Sammy runs away. Ian is a student who goes to Morrison High. He has a little brother named Sammy, whom Ian practically raised himself, because their mom is drug addict. Ian had the feeling that his school wants him gone eversince he had refused the offer to join a track and field team. He had been getting in all sorts of troubles, but he took [...]

    26. Teenagers should not have to be responsible for putting food on the table, but Ian is responsible for that and so much more. He makes sure his younger brother gets to school on time and does his homework. Their mother has dropped deeper into the drug world, and they rarely see her. The rage is growing inside Ian, and usually when he and his brother skate it helps. But lately, the school has been pressuring Ian to conform, cut his spiked hair, get into sports and when the administration says he m [...]

    27. This started out as a good book. The kids are in trouble, the mom they have to live with is a druggie concerned more for her own habit than for their lives, and when the plot is undertaken, it is done so in a reasonable way. The kids really are trapped in a box, so why not try to track down Dad? And that's where it starts to suck. Dad loves them still. Dad has all the money and power needed to act as their white knight and make everything A-OK. A good gritty story gets turned into wish fulfillme [...]

    28. A completely gripping read, SKATE is one of those books that just stays with you. 15 year old Ian McDermott is a good kid, stuck in a very bad situation. He’s struggling the best he can to take care of himself and his 10 year old (slower) brother Sammy. But between Ian’s own temper and bad boy/poor kid image, his brothers learning disabilities, a long gone father and a drug addicted mostly MIA mother, who’s usually off whoring herself to support her habit or worse, bringing her creepy supp [...]

    29. This book was amusing, exciting, and serious as well. I'm not really anything like the main character Ian; he and some of his friends are more rebellious than me and most people, but he always has a reason. I would say the writing is powerful from all the events stacking on top of one another. A strength of the book is its storyline and characters because of how well thought out they are. I'm not sure if this book is part of a series, but if it is I'd be glad to pick up the next book. I think ot [...]

    30. At the beginning, I was wondering if it was going to be another, "struggling kid beats the odds," cliche story, but after the first few chapters, I decided that this book was definitely unique. The author seems to have first-hand experience or done a lot of research bc the characters and the situations feel realistic and genuine. Great book to share with my middle school/high school students. I got teary-eyed a few times and full-out cried at the end when Dad stands up for Ian and takes Sammy in [...]

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