I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, & Prison Breaks

I Love You Phillip Morris A True Story of Life Love Prison Breaks To escape from a Texas jail or prison once is unusual To do it four times is incredible To do it four times in five years and always on a Friday the th is the stuff of legend Welcome to the world of

  • Title: I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, & Prison Breaks
  • Author: Steve McVicker
  • ISBN: 9780786869039
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To escape from a Texas jail or prison once is unusual To do it four times is incredible To do it four times in five years and always on a Friday the 13th is the stuff of legend Welcome to the world of Steven Russell Con artist Thief Swindler Embezzler Hopeless romantic.A husband and father, Russell was a church organist, prosperous businessman, and onetime Boca RatTo escape from a Texas jail or prison once is unusual To do it four times is incredible To do it four times in five years and always on a Friday the 13th is the stuff of legend Welcome to the world of Steven Russell Con artist Thief Swindler Embezzler Hopeless romantic.A husband and father, Russell was a church organist, prosperous businessman, and onetime Boca Raton cop before turning to his life of crime Arrested for a string of felonies, with a specialty in fraud, his real expertise turned out to be his uncanny ability to escape from jail Between 1993 and 1998, he orchestrated a string of prison breaks that were as audacious as they were ingenious Using whatever unlikely materials were at handa Magic Marker, a pay phone, a walkie talkie, a pair of stolen bright red women s stretch pantsalong with an innate talent for analytical thinking and boundless quantities of sheer nerve, Russell again and again arranged his own early releases from jail Unfortunately, for Russell, staying out of jail is another matter entirely.Over the years, it became increasingly clear that Russell s talent for escape is matched only by his knack for getting arrested One thing always seems to trump Steven Russell s careful planning, cool head, and instinct for self preservationlove Russell cannot resist the urge to try and spring the great love of his lifea fellow inmate named Phillip Morris.In I Love You Phillip Morris, journalist Steve McVicker goes right to the heart of this improbable but true story of crime, punishment, and passion Thanks to unprecedented and exclusive access to Russell, his family, and his friends, he retraces Russell s journey from small town businessman to flamboyant white collar criminal and jailhouse Houdini It s the darkly comic tale of a man with a spectacular ability to manipulate almost everyone he meets, yet who is himself helpless in the face of love.

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      Steve McVicker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, & Prison Breaks book, this is one of the most wanted Steve McVicker author readers around the world.

    152 thoughts on “I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, & Prison Breaks”

    1. This book didn't hold my interest. It is about a con-artist who escapes prison 4 times in 5 years and he is very smart and wily. He is in love with a man named Phillip Morris. He executes various schemes and swindles in order to make and steal hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, I just couldn't bring myself to care.Also, as a side note: The book states at one point, when Russell marries a woman, "ey both lost their virginity." I completely disagree with this. He wasn't a virgin - he'd been ha [...]

    2. After seeing the film, I really wanted to read the true story behind the "improbable but true" claim. For once, the filmmakers did not exaggerate greatly. Steven Russell is a highly interesting character and a mastermind of escape. The book is written by an investigative reporter and reads as such; the story is straight-forward, but I did not mind that. It was nice to get the facts with no frills. I find Mr. Russell particularly fascinating considering the fact that he was able to make all of hi [...]

    3. After starting this read, I was surprised to find out that this is being made into a motion picture starring Jim Carrey. I am curious as to how it will translate to the big screen. Movies are just never as good, are they? This book was my next selection in trying to read literature that is not "pop fiction". I am getting a lot of good suggestions from this website and my crew at the WPL!"I Love You Phillip Morris" was excellent. Very interesting story. I found myself on edge with the anticipatio [...]

    4. Trueish Crime. An uncharismatic and plodding account of a con man who escapes from prison four times in five years. I wanted the movie, but all my library had was the book, which is nothing but a dry list of facts with the occasional pause for awkward dialogue. Two stars because some of the jail break sequences were interesting.

    5. First off this is not a fictional story like I originally thought. Its a non-fiction novel by a journalist, therefore it reads like a newspaper article. This however, is a fascinating tale about a very smart and witty con artist. I would have loved if the writer was able to strip away his journalistic writing and simply became the character. I felt a lot of facts were being thrown at me instead of a story. I was able to get a feel for the characters but it none of them stayed with me.The main pr [...]

    6. The story is told straightforwardly-- not overcrowded with detail. It's like a long version of a McVicker article in the alternative weekly the Houston Press, such an article almost certainly being the genesis of this tome. For all of Russell's truly amazing feats as a jail breaker and a con man. that his cynical thievery is punctuated by and contrasts with his apparent real love for his boyfriend, Russell is two-dimensional. He doesn't seem to speak to any deeper meaning. If you don't need that [...]

    7. I can't bring myself to go on let alone finish this book. I don't find myself intrigued by the story and the style doesn't keep my attention at all. I thought this would be more like a story with a plot, since that can be done even if it's a real story that was told to the writer by the people in it. He still could have structured it differently, e.g. chronologically and make it more interesting that way.

    8. Like many others, I checked this book out of the library after watching the movie. For once, the filmmakers didn't exaggerate much. I do wish the writing had been just a little less dry--it's very journalistic, which I suppose makes sense since it was written by a journalist. Definitely a fascinating story, though, and Steven Russell is difficult not to like. I'll be keeping an eye out for his inevitable next escape!

    9. I have seen the trailer to the movie for this movie on and off for over a year. I decided that it was never going to come to a theater near me so it was safe to go ahead and read it. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I was intrigued by the story the way it was told and the chast of characters that this man surrounded himself with. All of our lives are so fragile and bad decisions lead to worse decisions and I think Stevens life is an example of this.

    10. The movie is a bit more entertaining then the book. It reads slightly more as a elongated interviewA: I knocked a star off for horrible spelling and obvious grammar mistakes. It's a fast-paced read. I just don't understand how mistakes like spelling 'Rycoff' on one page and on the next the noticeable difference in spelling it 'Rykoff' Just annoyed me. I like consistency, not being the editor of your book.

    11. A great, simple, somewhat shocking read. The book follows Steven Russel's, a real life convict who managed to escape prison 3 times, embezzled collectively millions of dollars, and passed himself off as a doctor, lawyer, and countless other public figures. It's a pretty interesting read, but it keeps it light as well. I read this to and from Orlando on the airplane, which made for a much better activity than sleeping and waking up with an odd crick in my neck.

    12. After watching the "I Almost Got Away With It" episode about Steven Russel, I thought the book might have a more expanded point of view and details about his life. While it was a good read, it wasn't amazing. I followed up the book with the Jim Carey movie of the same name, which was severely disappointing.

    13. I wanted to love it, but the truth is, it was just okay.In fairness to Mr. McVicker, I should not have read the reviews first. I think they caused me to read this book with an overly-critical eye.It is rare that a movie eclipses the book from which it was made, but I am hoping to see the film soon and like it better than this novel.

    14. Ok Fact is stranger than fiction in this incredulous story of Steven Russell and his exploits. Russell's audacity is beyond belief, his confidence tricks show how naive or incredibly stupid even our greatest and brightest can be. Infused with the story of Russell's relationship with Phillip Morris, this is really one very weird story. Only in America eh!

    15. After seeing I Love You Phillip Morris, the movie that starred Jim Carey as Steven Russell, I just had to read the book. I'm glad I did. Russell is a guy who can convince anyone of just about anything. It just goes to show you how far superior people-skills will get you in the world. And, how far true love will drive you, even if it's behind bars.

    16. The rare book that is not better than the movie, due to the lack of story telling ability of the author. A newspaper writer and it shows. The book reads like a long news story in the paper. Still it is a fascinating story and similar to Catch Me If You Can.

    17. This book was… okay. It was a very fast read, more or less enjoyable, and I think I just needed something that didn’t require a lot of thought or time. I could sit down, have fun with it, and be done in a weekend.

    18. I Love You Phillip Morris presents the facts of Steven Russell’s incredible career as a criminal without any adornment or analysis. The nonlinear chronology is disorienting, but the story’s worth it—although the film is worth it even more…

    19. I read this book in one day. Occasionally I got lost because there's a lot of abbreviations and technical terms and people and chases and stuff but I was smiling the entire way through. It was really fun to read. I also loved the movie so I'm glad they match up.

    20. This is the account of one of the world's best con-artists, Steven Russell, who escaped from jail (including my own Harris County jail) numerous times! The book could've been longer but all in all a good read. Soon to be a movie, I hear.

    21. I'd been wanting to read this ever since I saw the movie, so I could barely contain a little dance of joy when I saw it in the library. A very quick read. Steven Russell is quite the interesting person and I can't help but wish that his story is not quite over yet :)

    22. I heard about this book on the Don Imus show. This guy was a con artist and escaped from the Texas Penal System on three occasions. It was fascinating to see the extents to which he planned his escapes, two of which occurred on a Friday the 13th. A short read, but very interesting.

    23. Interesting and compelling story about a con man and his beloved. The book itself isn't particularly well written but the engagement stems from the antics of the protagonist. Picked this up in lieu of the inevitable movie coming out with Jim Carrey and Ewan MacGregor. It's worth a look see.

    24. Adds a lot of details to the movie as well as a little more depth to Steve Russell as a person. He was a smart man who loved someone too much, which is always where the mistakes get made in breaking the law. A fast, fun read.

    25. Steven Russell is crazy awesome. I first saw the movie without knowing it was based on a true story. I immediately took it as a work of fiction. No one could possibly be crazy enough to pull the stunts Jim Carrey pulled in the movie. It would be impossible!But it all happened. It really did.

    26. Not a biography, not a usual crime story. It's more like a long article by a journalist impressed with a man who's a talented crook. Judging by the book, I can't imagine the movie to be good.

    27. This was actually a hilarious love-story. Steven Russell is a brilliant, hopeless romantic, and I could feel his love for Phillip Morris :) An excellent, fun read!

    28. Quick read, book group choice. Somehow I wasn't paying much attention when it was first suggested. I thought it was about smoking. Not at all; it's the story of a con man.

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    30. I read this in virtually a single sitting (unheard of for me) because I had just seen the movie and my interest was already engaged. But I think it could be better structured

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