If You Have a Hat: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids

If You Have a Hat A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids If you have a hat put it on your head If you have a bed bug tuck him up in bed A silly rhyming picture book created especially for Kindle by children s author illustrator Gerald Hawksley Simple silly

  • Title: If You Have a Hat: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids
  • Author: Gerald Hawksley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If you have a hat put it on your head If you have a bed bug tuck him up in bed A silly rhyming picture book created especially for Kindle by children s author illustrator Gerald Hawksley Simple silly rhyming text and jolly pictures make this an ideal Kindle experience for sharing with children.

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    • Free Download [Self Help Book] Æ If You Have a Hat: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids - by Gerald Hawksley ✓
      190 Gerald Hawksley
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    1. Gerald Hawksley

      Gerald Hawksley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the If You Have a Hat: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids book, this is one of the most wanted Gerald Hawksley author readers around the world.

    953 thoughts on “If You Have a Hat: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids”

    1. OkIt was ok, really funny.I like the jokes and the colorfull pictures.I don't like the guess games.😛😛😛😛😛😛

    2. I’m a big fan of silly rhymes in children’s books. Not only is it fun to read (aloud or to yourself), kids love it. Hawksley reminds me of Dr. Seuss in that he awakens the imagination in every reader and is a very talented artist. His illustrations are very colorful and the wording is easy for anyone to understand. In this one, his subject is hats and it’s a cute one. My favorite one has to be this joke – What kind of hats do penguins wear? Ice caps! Highly recommend! Ideal for ages 3 [...]

    3. Really fun to read. I've read this one over and over quite happily to my children. The enjoyable extras at the end are great too.

    4. Cute, fun and informative, too. Wonderful choice of words in rhyme, just right for beginner readers. My grandchildren like the vocabulary words that connect to every day objects that they're familiar with. The book is very engaging for parents and children, ages 3-6. It's a simple story to understand with very cute illustrations. Our favorite line, "If you have some music - do a little dance."

    5. This book is such a fun book that can easily make children laugh. It starts off with logical things like when you have a hat then put it on your head. It then the humor comes in onto the third page (each scenario takes up two pages) by saying if you find a bug then tuck him into a bed. The book isn't humorous but also adventurous, like using imagination. An example of this is when you have bricks build a tower. It then goes back and forth to humor adventure and then obvious, this makes the book [...]

    6. “If You Have a Hat” by Gerald Hawksley is a basic picture book that has a lot of rhyming text. The book has a page with a picture of an object and says “If you have” and tells the name of the object, and then the next page tells the reader what to do with the object and has a picture describing what they should do with the object. The book doesn’t have a plot other than to show the objects and what to do with them. It is a silly little book but it has good information about what the c [...]

    7. If you have a hat by Gerald Hawksley is a short simple children’s book. I am not sure I would call it a rhyming book, but it does have cute pictures to go with the simple text. This book is only 24 pages with usually only 5-6 words per page. Some of the cute sayings include: “If you have some music, do a little dance. If you have some cheese, give it to a mouse." It’s a great call and response book for young readers. This book is a great way to build reading confidence and to concentrate o [...]

    8. When my 3 year old daughter asked for an ereader last Christmas, she received an Android tablet with Kindle for Android (as well as other ebook applications). It seems that only recently have illustrated, color children’s books began to come to the Kindle. So I was elated to find an indie illustrated, color children’s book!The cute, colorful pictures are great even for children that can’t yet read – they can guess the rhyme from the picture, as well as try to find the bird in each pictur [...]

    9. ‘A silly rhyming picture book’I’m always on the lookout for good children’s books to add to my Kindle library. Some books don’t translate well to Kindle and that, in my experience, goes particularly for children’s books, but this one works perfectly. The simple, clearly defined illustrations are well suited to ebook format and even though I read it on my Kindle Paperwhite, therefore no colour, it still worked well ( and my little grandson agreed!)The little rhymes are indeed very sil [...]

    10. E-Book/KindlePicturebookages: 2-5 This book was made just for Kindle. The author made this book just for beginning readers who are learning words and how they are used. The silly plot of this story and picture make it fun and interesting to children and the adults who read to them. I thought that making this book just for Kindle was a great eco-friendly way publish books. This book didint win any adwards but the author did for previous work.

    11. The illustrations in If You Have a Hat are fun for young children. The rhyme is good and the beat works. All of the examples of what do do with things a young child would have is age appropriate except one and that is the airplane. Unless the child lives in France, a preschool child does not have the experience to understand that France is a country far away. The concept of distance is restricted to the area where the child lives and they have nothing to relate to traveling so far to a foreign c [...]

    12. If you have.Not much to this book. It randomly says "if you have a _____ then It really just gives an example of what you could or should do with the item in question. A bandaid, a smile, a seed, brick. It doesn't really have any other theme or flow.

    13. This is the 2nd book by Gerald Hawksley that I've read with my Niece. they are great for children as they are colourful and a quick read. She a bit to young for puzzles and jokes in the back, so did get bored with them.

    14. Colorful and EngagingThe kids loved predicting and finding the rhyming clues for each item, not just the hat. The jokes at the end added bonus fun!

    15. Lots of funI read this to my three year old granddaughter and she said that she really likes it. She got pretty good at guessing the rhymes

    16. Too cute!It's adorable. Not only the cute lil pictures but also the funny rhymes. You're kids are gonna love this one.

    17. Cute children's bookMy 4 year old daughter really enjoyed this book. It was funny and she loved the silly rhymes and the jokes and puzzles at the end.

    18. CuteLove this author. My 3 year old reads them often and is starting to memorize sold of the stories. Cute illustrations.

    19. A quick, fun read. Good illustrations and demonstration of what kids can do with certain objects. There was no narrative per se so no morals to be had or lessons to be learned here. Still, a toddler would enjoy the illustrations.

    20. A simple book for toddlers. Some cute rhymes, and the extras (games and jokes) at the end of the book were fun for little ones.

    21. I downloaded this for free when it was on sale through . I like to have a collection of kids books on my kindle that I can read to my daughter when we're traveling so that bedtime routine is as close to normal as possible.We picked this one to read and weren't impressed, if I'm being honest. The entire book is set up as one page is "If you have" and the next page gives you an instruction of what to do with it. It also rhymes, which creates a couple awkward sentences. I just wasn't super impresse [...]

    22. Gerald Hawksley, If You Have a Hat (CreateSpace, 2011)I was originally going to give this one a straight middle-of-the-road review—the poetry is solid if uninspired, and there are a few places where the rhythm drops and/or the rhyme seems a little forced (“if you have some cheese, give it to a mouse/if you have a tree, make yourself a tree house”), but I was beguiled by the ending and the kid seems to enjoy it a great deal, so I'm kicking the rating up some. Not a bad little thing at all, [...]

    23. I LOVE this book! While looking through books for my nephew, I came across this beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book. I finished it in a jiffy and couldn't wait to recite it to my nephew. This is a lovely book with captivating drawings, colours and silly really silly yet amusing rhymes. It has these fun Q&A drawings that absolutely have me roaring every time I read them aloud. A highly recommended book for kids and fun-loving adults alike.

    24. Pretty goodThis was pretty good. I didn't think it would be at first, but my daughter enjoyed following along. I followed the writer's advice and paused before I read each rhyming word. My daughter was actually able to guess the correct word in the screen (I have the ebook). Plus, she smiled and laughed when we finished reading. I'm glad I got this book.

    25. Easy ReaderEasy ReaderEasy for beginning readers. Clear pictures and simple rhymes. Easily memorized so they think they are "reading." Both my grandkids love to read it - ages 3 and 5.

    26. Forced rhymes and an awkward cadence The forced rhymes, the awkward cadence, and the overuse of the word "some" are what lead to my two star rating. It is cute and simple to read. Also it was a free download.

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